WW3 Alert: Russia Conducts Emergency Nuclear Survival Drills For Citizens

WW3 Alert: Russia Conducts Emergency Nuclear Survival Drills For Citizens

In the wake of the souring relations between Russia and the US, the imminence of a devastating war between the two superpowers becomes more and more prominent— with Russia stepping up emergency nuclear drills, could this put the world on the brink of another war?

As reported by Fox News, the Russian government has, on Monday, conducted a nuclear survival drill to prepare citizens against impending attacks to be launched by the US.

And that’s not all! The former Soviet has also been reported of revising its civil defense plans, including upgrading their bomb shelters in the county’s biggies such as Moscow.

“An inventory was taken in Moscow of the city’s underground spaces, in order to allow us to plan for sheltering 100% of the city’s population,” said Andrey Mishchenko, deputy head of the Ministry of emergency Situations.

The Wall Street Journal, in a report, said that the Monday’s drill was the biggest ever in Russia’s civil defense since the collapse of the U.S.S.R. As many as 40 million citizens joined the rehearsal that taught civilians how to counter chemical and nuclear threats.

Here is a video of the emergency nuclear drills held recently in Russia.

Television broadcasts of emergency workers deployed in hazmat suits, checking the ventilation in bomb shelters, were being aired on Russian TV channels during the four-day drill that was held across the country.

Students were seen trying on gas masks and placing dummies on stretchers in school auditoriums, reported Fox News.

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Meanwhile, the state-controlled radio channels have been broadcasting some of the shrillest anti-American rhetoric in years.

“Russia is sick of America’s arrogant lies,” announced an influential commentator Dmitry Kiselyov, after a Syrian peace plan failed to bear any fruit.

The recent developments came to light following Russia’s unveiling of the omnipotent Satan 2 nuclear-ballistic that had been claimed to be powerful enough to destroy land masses equivalent to New York or Texas.

Also, President Vladimir Putin gave a 24-hour ultimatum to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton where he warned that Russia will start shooting down US aircraft’s in the Middle East unless the United States stops slandering his country.

Russia intentions are crystal clear, as they showing off the most powerful nuclear-ballistic and conducting nuclear drills to prepare everyone for the worst they are giving a clear warning: ”We are ready to go nuclear”.

All it takes is just one false move that will set off a spiral of events from which there may be no recovery or Hillary as President.


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