The US Presidential Elections Are Just A Farce

It really doesn’t surprised me any more listening to the so-called alternative media, that most of them are really at sleep. Discussing hour after hour about who’s going to win the American presidential election? Do they really think it matters? Allow me to laugh until my air runs out from my lungs.

All this works on the proven assumption that elections are bought, not won. It’s really an advertising campaign showdown on who has the slickest, most convincing sales pitch and the most effective scaremongering. This isn’t any secret; Obama won the 2008 Ad-Age’s marketer of the year, from unknown to presidential nominee. It appears the citizens are basically stupid and will go with whomever tells them the loudest who they should vote for.


And it costs money, a great deal of money. For the price of one US presidential election, you can make the four or five most expensive Hollywood films of all time. Unlike a movie production, we already know how the elections will end: higher prices, more wars and less freedom. Yet, the show must go on. Just so that people believe that they CAN make a difference, what a joke!

And believe me, all of it is just a big joke. The entire left-right paradigm is just a long-winded, blathering version of Punch and Judy where the population gets to vote on which puppet is going to have a giant corporate hand no-one elected shoved up its rear-end while it reads words on teleprompters written by people who have a far better understanding of what the game-plan is than the politicians themselves. Because people, THERE IS NO PRESIDENTS ANY MORE! The last real President you had, was murdered remember?


Today they are only representatives for the elite jewish finance. The ONLY one you can call a “president” in some meaning today would maybe be President Putin. He still stands somewhat untouched from the sticky fingers of the jewish elite. Who btw resides in the US most of them.

Just realize it folks! The U.S. Presidential elections was rigged even long before the first ballot was cast. US voting system continues to be rigged by the Illuminati so that they can keep their control over the People in so-called “democratic” societies. Do not believe these charades set up by the Illuminati, don’t be sheep’s, don’t place your faith in them!


Stay safe!

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