U.S. State Department Threatens Russia with War

U.S. State Department Threatens Russia with War

Mr. Obama can hardly point to the situation in Syria as a foreign policy success.  And as the U.S State Department threatens Russia with military action over Syria, things are likely to get even worse in that country — and possibly here.  Our Nobel Peace Prize winning president just might end up starting a war with Russia either through incredible hubris, incompetence, rashness, or design. Regardless of how any such conflict begins, the result would be disastrous.

The Middle East is a hotbed of shifting alliances and deception.  It’s been said that whatever appears to be going on in the Middle East isn’t what’s really going on.

That said, we can be sure that Russia is allied with Syrian President Assad.  While Mr. Obama is famous for drawing “red lines” and then moving them, we’re not so sure Mr. Putin is that flexible.  If Obama thinks he can do as he wishes in Syria with impunity, he runs the risk of sending elements of the U.S. military into combat against the Russian military.  Could things escalate from there?  Of course.

So with this backdrop we find representatives of the Russian media organization RT questioning a representative of the U.S. State Department.

Rashness and cowardice are both to be avoided.  The first gets you involved in conflicts that can be disasters, and the second invites aggressive parties to attack you.  It can be argued that Obama’s actions in the Middle East have been rash, and when he fails to act when his self-proclaimed “red lines” are violated, this gives the appearance of cowardice.  This is not a successful foreign policy.

Threatening Russia with military action is very serious business.  This is nuclear-armed Russia, not Libya or some third-world country.  But making such threats is just what the State Department is doing.  All over U.S. policy regarding Syria and U.S. “interests” in the Middle-East.

What is the real reasons for our actions in the Middle-East?  Could this be a very dangerous attempt to create a conflict that would distract the electorate enough to enable a Clinton victory? Or keep Obama in office? Those are despicable thoughts if there ever was one.

We’ll let you consider these possibilities and more as you watch the following interview.

Full exchange:


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