TRUMP Is Coming Under A LOT Of Fire: A Time for Extreme Vigilance

TRUMP Is Coming Under A LOT Of Fire: A Time for Extreme Vigilance

The MSM and Intelligence Agencies conspicuously gang up on Trump and Alt Media!!! WHY?

Something very concerning is going in America.

The various rogue alphabet soup intelligence agencies have made common cause with the Mainstream Media (MSM) like never before.

The MSM news reports have been replete with instances of fake news and false alerts directed at President-elect Donald J. Trump, as well as at the alternative news media (Alt Media).

Make no mistake about it: the NWO ruling elites are very afraid of the outcomes should the Trump Movement continue to gain steam.  In fact, the elites all face very serious existential threats regardless of a Trump presidency.  The Trump Movement is quite significantly way BIGGER than just The Donald.  And TPTB know it in their bones.

This dire situation cannot be allowed to persist as far as the TPTB are concerned.  Not only is their multi-century scheme for total world domination in great jeopardy, so is the exposure of their entire global conspiracy network… the one that maintains the current World Shadow Government and much larger Global Control Matrix.

PIZZAGATE and ‘Fake News’

Nothing poses a greater danger to the ruling elites that the daily revelations which now occur regarding PIZZAGATE.  To be sure, this is the granddaddy of all pedo-scandals, and there are literally thousands of them (Pedogates) scattered around the globe over many decades.

Because the PIZZAGATE pedo-scandal revolves around the Bush-Clinton Crime Family, the Beltway power structure and Hollywood, TPTB are literally shaking in their boots. Every day brings one act of sheer desperation after another as they try to shut down PIZZAGATE however they can.

The Pentagon just went public with a chilling announcement: According to recent interceptions America is facing extermination within the next 6 months or less!…America’s stealth enemy has already advanced to stage 2…And it’s getting close to give America the final blow. Security Defense Council just asked Obama to give them clearance to prevent the attack.

>>Click to watch Obama’s shocking response!<<

P.S. – If they won’t protect us, we have to do it ourselves. And FAST! Don’t take this lightly, the CIA issued red code for more than 48 states.

>>Access official investigation<<

Witness the exceedingly reckless and transparently false ‘Fake News’ meme being aggressively hawked by MSM journalism worldwide.  ‘Fake News’ is now mentioned so frequently that it’s clear that this planetary scheme is about immediately shutting down Alt Media before it’s gets too big of an audience. As far as TPTB are concerned, there is way too much truth being disseminated by Alt Media for their safety and well-being.  Which is absolutely true…the historical truth is swiftly coming after them, as it sets the masses free.

The ruling elites have used pedo-scandals to lock down governments and other institutions around the world for centuries.  However, TPTB also participate in their own satanic child sacrifice rituals for a variety of reasons.  Hence, they are all knee-deep in crime sprees against the children (and babies) of the world.  This is why they acted so aggressively against the initiatives to expose the Planned Parenthood abortion factory and fetal organ-harvesting scandal.

Trump and Inauguration Day

The bottom line here is that something is brewing between now and Inauguration Day. The very fact that Donald Trump has taken so much heat from the MSM, Obama Administration, Clinton Campaign, DNC, Republican Party, Eurozone, London press, China, Hollywood, as well as countless insults from across the political spectrum — even after he was elected — shows how much they really fear him and his popular movement.

Therefore, it’s critical to not be blind-sided by a 2016 or 2017 9/11-type event or quiet D.C. coup. The criminally insane cabal of psychopaths, who are running for cover from PIZZAGATE, are so desperate that they will do anything possible to hang onto power while Obama is still POTUS— A N Y T H I N G ! ! !

In an effort to rain on Trump’s parade, the MSM and CIA have already floated the warning that ISIS has planned a terrorist attack on Washington, D.C.—on Inauguration Day!

Can you imagine them ever doing that to Obama, while they were awarding him his totally fake Nobel Peace Prize around Inauguration Day in 2009?
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  • comment-avatar
    Falcon101 1 year

    The establishment did NOT expect Trump would or could win an election in this country and as well observed, they are in absolute panic mode trying anything to regain control of the establishment because they know that if Trump actually makes it into the presidency, their game is over!
    Expect some major chaos in the next month to derail the Trump inauguration whether it be physical chaos or economic, SOMETHING is going to happen to preserve the corrupt system they have created since 9/11 and we need to be as observant as ever in these coming days and weeks because they know they are doomed if Trump makes it it to inauguration day.

  • comment-avatar
    Eddie Herbert 1 year

    In light of the MASSIVE voter fraud in the metro Detroit area uncovered by the Jill Stein recount, Michigan democratic Senators Stabenow and Peters must be removed from office and new CLEAN elections held.

  • comment-avatar
    bill 1 year

    The “Trump movement” seems to be the same ol’ BS looking at all the bankers and globalists Trump is appointing, so what the hell does the NWO have to be scared of?

  • comment-avatar
    James Stamulis 1 year

    We need to remove from congress all the so called conservatives who have done all they can to destroy Trump such as Ryan, Mcconnell, McCain and Graham who are Progressive NWO tools in sheep’s clothing. They have passed a bill to stop Trump from working with Russia but where were they when Obama worked with all the Muslim terrorist countries as well as the Communist countries like Cuba, China etc.? All congress has done is everything Obama has wanted because they are on the same NWO team against we the people.

  • comment-avatar
    gene 1 year

    Cut that scary shit out, you sombitches already have enough boogy men. Come to think about it you are the fucking boogy man. Please go lay down somewhere. Steve Quail the creator is waiting patiently to hold an audience just with you……… don’t you realize you don’t make sounds or thoughts he gives a shit about. Heres another one that kills me Its gods will. holy shit ain’t that what the fucking Muslim rapist are saying. WTF

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