Top Ten Ways The World Could End

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In a dingy apartment building, insulated by layers of hanging rugs, the last family on Earth huddles around a fire, melting a pot of oxygen. Ripped from the sun’s warmth by a rogue dark star, the planet has been exiled to the cold outer reaches of the solar system. The lone clan of survivors must venture out into the endless night to harvest frozen atmospheric gases that have piled up like snow.

As end-of-humanity scenarios go, that bleak vision from Fritz Leiber’s 1951 short story “A Pail of Air” is a fairly remote possibility. Scholars who ponder such things think a self-induced catastrophe such as nuclear war or a bioengineered pandemic is most likely to do us in. However, a number of other extreme natural hazards—including threats from space and geologic upheavals here on Earth—could still derail life as we know it, unraveling advanced civilization, wiping out billions of people, or potentially even exterminating our species.

Imagine waking up one day with no electricity, no internet and no coffee. How would you live? When the brown stuff hits the fan these would be the least of your worries. You might even be one of the lucky ones. There are far worse ways to go and we will look at the worst doomsday scenarios, to see what chances of survival we have.

In any disaster movie you see a panning shot across a large highway packed with cars attempting to flee the city. The scenario continues with people abandoning their cars and joining their fellow citizens pushing onward on foot. Everyone is trying to make it out alive during a disaster and it’s absolutely normal to do so. After all, survival is part of our human nature and even tough this sense is being dimmed out by the surrounding technology, it is still there.

There are good and bad ways for the world to end. It all depends on many factors, but before we discuss about the best ways the world could end, let’s start with the worst. As every prepper knows, we prepare for the worst and we hope for the best.

Here are the main worst ways the world could end:

All-out nuclear war

Unfortunately this is one of the real threats that hangs above today’s civilization and somehow, it is overlooked by many. We have to understand that there are powerful people in the world with powerful ambitions. Even though you are on the other side of the planet, all cozy in your armchair, watching TV, you are not safe. These people can decide the faith of the world with the push of the button. War analysts say that is just a matter of time until WW3 will start. CIA has been working for years to create the psychological profile of world leaders that are a threat for our country.

For example, here is what Kurt Campbell, the former Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs said about Kim Jong-un: “Kim Jong-un is a dangerous person, unpredictable, predisposed to violence and with megalomaniac delusions.” The ruling power, made the North Korean leader to become narcissistic and psychopathic, he’s an immature “kid” with access to weapons of mass destruction. And this is just one of the “problematic” world leaders that can start a nuclear war. A nuclear war is not a farfetched scenario and it could happen due to various reasons. Let’s not forget that even the US army “dropped” a nuclear bomb on its people by accident.

If an event like a nuclear war would happen, we have to think of what the world will go through and what the consequences of a nuclear war are.

First, most major cities will be targeted and if you happen to live in such an area, I have some bad news for you… Everything will be leveled to the ground and there are zero chances of survival. Even if you escape vaporization in the targeted cities, most of the materials of the modern world will have been obliterated. Rebuilding is not an option and you have to travel vast distances to find safety. Even worse, the ground and waters poisoned by fallout would hamper the recovery of agriculture. Food and water will be scarce and will become a major problem for your survival. And second, after the evaporation of governance and law enforcement, it will be every man for himself.

Those who are the strongest will seize control of the remaining resources (fuel, food, etc.), they will become the new kings. The new leaders will use lethal force to control the masses and only the people with special skills will be able to survive. People such as doctors or engineers may trade their skills for resources. Even in the worst case scenario, when these people will be forced to work for the new leaders as specialized slaves, they will still survive in the new world.

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This is a doomsday scenario in which the chances of survival for the common man are close to zero. Unless you have a well-equipped bunker with supplies to last you for a couple of years, you will get a front seat for the end of the world.

A massive blackout

According to the NSA, there are two possible scenarios that can trigger a mass blackout. The first would be an enormous coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun and the second would be a large scale coordinated cybernetic attack. While the second scenario would be difficult to be organized and executed, the first one is a real concern and it would not be the first time it has happened. One of the main solar storms that affected the quality of human lives occurred in 1859. Among other things, this event was able to disrupt communication by affecting the telegraph wires. Then, in 2012 a massive solar eruption just missed the earth and made NASA issue a serious warning: “A coronal mass ejection (CME), these solar explosions propel bursts of particles and electromagnetic fluctuations into Earth’s atmosphere.

Those fluctuations could induce electric fluctuations at ground level that could blow out transformers in power grids”. A global power blackout will disrupt the pumping of water and gas supplies and the refining of fuel. Since there will be no power, the production of replacement transformers will be slowed to a point where it will be too late for many. Such blow to the core of the modern civilization will cause a social collapse of immense magnitude. The roving crowds will consume remnant supplies like swarms of locusts. All this will lead to mass depopulation. Even though there will be survivors, they will find a world that has been stripped bare of any valuable resources.

Rebuilding will be impossible for some , while others will have to struggle with the forces of nature. Even though the emissions from industry will cease overnight and pollution would drop to zero, the world will still continue to respond for the next few centuries to the damage we’ve done. The survivors will experience a rise in sea levels, a disruption of weather patterns that will bring heavier monsoon floods in some areas and droughts in others. Agriculture will become a gambling game.

This is a doomsday scenario in which the chances of survival are pretty high for those who prepare for such an event. The main concern for most preppers would be to ride out the first 6 months. For some, this means they will have to defend what’s theirs at any cost. The hard work starts after one year, when they will no longer have to worry about riders and looters. All they energy will be spent to become self-sufficient in a new world.

A massive volcanic eruption

This is the 3rd most probable scenario that could end the world as we know it. You’ve probably read about Yellowstone and how dangerous it is for the entire planet. Unfortunately, there are other super volcanoes that are far more active and dangerous than the one situated in the US. I’ve written in a previous article (you can find it below) about these threats that are literally time bombs. Death brought by a volcano is far from pleasant and even so, the people that succumb in the ash and burning gas floods will be the lucky ones.

What a massive volcanic eruption brings is something that will cripple the entire world. The eruption can last for a few days and it will burn everything around the volcano. The bigger the volcanic eruption is, the bigger the affected area will be. Not to mention that a massive volcanic eruption can cause tsunamis that will destroy most of the coast line cities. And that’s not all, the months following the eruption of a super volcano will gradually depopulate the earth.

All the million tons of sulfate particles that will be injected into the lower atmosphere will affect the weather patterns on the entire planet. Agriculture will be out of the question and famine will be the main problem. Roving crowds of survivors will cannibalize cities of all their resources and chaos will rule the world. The lack of health care will also become a problem. Most of the survivors will die due to various diseases. If we think about the fact that there are more than 1,300 active volcanoes around the world and only a small part of these volcanoes are monitored, we will realize what a serious threat this is. Even the eruption of small volcanoes affect the lives of thousands of people around the world. Imagine what will happen if the Paektu volcano will erupt.

For this doomsday scenario the chances of survival for unprepared people are slim to none. Even for those prepared it will not be easy and their main concern will be to stay out of sight. Some nations will be able to survive as long as they can provide food for their people. Canada is a good example due to its aquaponic system adoption. Other countries will rely on martial law to control the masses. The elite with their bunkers and 3 to 5 years supplies will have the best chances of making it out alive and this of course, if they have the knowledge to survive in a changed world.

The doomsday scenarios listed in this article are the most probable threats that can influence the human life all over the globe. These are apocalyptic events that can be triggered by humans or by nature. With a little research you can find out more about what could be a real threat for you. Although we cannot estimate precisely the probability percentage for each event, one thing is certain: both humans and nature are unpredictable.

What To Do 2 Hours Before A Disaster

  • Begin collecting as much water as you can by filling up your sinks, bathtubs, water containers, buckets, and anything else capable of storing water. Here’s how to build a water purification system in 10 minutes.
  • Double check your home stockpile: water, food, medical equipment, ammunition, personal hygiene items, and so on. If you are lacking anything that’s absolutely necessary, then you should consider making a quick run to the grocery store.
  • If you decide that you need to bug out, quickly conduct an inspection of your bug out bag and your bug out vehicle to make sure everything is present and in good working order.
  • Most importantly, get in contact with each member of your family and have them meet you at your house.

by Bob Rodgers,

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