Surviving a Russian Occupation: Instead of an American flag flying overhead in those FEMA Camps, imagine a Russian flag. Maybe we should have feared those “FEMA camps” after all

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It’s a nightmare headline that most Americans probably relate more to the movie “Red Dawn” than something that would ever actually happen — but what if it did happen? Especially now when all the current events seem to lead our country into a war with Russia we should consider this and be prepared.

As Stefan Stanford from All News Pipeline points out in his article, a war with Russia is last thing Americans need right now.

As we’ve warned before on ANP, the very last thing that Americans should want is to go to war with Russia. Russia could completely destroy the US in half an hour via a nuclear EMP attack upon us that completely takes down our electric grid and with it, everything that makes America a ‘modern’ country to live in.

Imagine waking up tomorrow with no power…an outage that might last the next 6 months to a year or more. Experts have warned that 90% of Americans would be dead within 6 to 18 months if such an attack were to occur. If tomorrow you woke up with no power and your entire town, city and state had none either, would your family be able to survive through the next 3 days? Week? Month? Year? Remember, no power anywhere via an EMP attack also means no functioning banks, ATM’s, gas stations, public utilities, internet, and stores likely ransacked completely within the first few hours afterwards.


Fears of A Russian Invasion

Fears have long abounded in certain U.S. circles dating back to the Cold War of ominous threats coming from the U.S.S.R., and some of those circles include the Pentagon, more familiar with extensive KGB spying in the U.S. than the average American who probably thinks that the spy-threat is only a real threat in a James Bond movie.

Yet KGB spies were here during the Cold War. After the Soviet Union fell in the early 90s, probably a number of these spies remained, even if they’re no longer thought of as “KGB”.

Word of the day: Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed long before us, because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times of  famine and war.



Today we can bet that Russia has a healthy and vital network of spies in the United States, including more than a few “double agents” — meaning U.S. citizens who work in federal government like CIA and national defense who, like many Americans, can be persuaded to pass on intel when enough dollar bills are offered.

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A Russian Invasion

Only after knocking out U.S. defenses and critical infrastructure, could a Russian plan to invade and occupy parts of America unfold with the potential for success. Of course to take things to that level Russia would have to be willing to do a few things that would put them on par with Hitler.

We’re talking Russia would have to be willing to nuke a few million Americans preemptively (Cold War suitcase nukes, anyone?), or perhaps use a highly lethal virus concocted deep in a Russian laboratory, and then spread across U.S. cities like a plot from the television series “24” — or perhaps a combination of both suitcase nukes and lethal virus.

Is Putin on the same level as “Hitler”?

We can’t quite tell yet. He’s invaded two countries to date, the first being Georgia in 2008, and the second and most recently, the Ukraine, currently making world headlines.

Commercial Airlines

The plot from the original Red Dawn (1984) was that Russian forces invade the U.S. using commercial airlines on international routes to disguise the first wave of the invasion — a modern day Trojan horse (by the way, if you like survival movies, this is one of the best survival movies of all time right there next to First Blood).

Could commercial airlines really be used to help get a Russian first wave into American airspace and parachuting into American communities?


Then of course there are container ships — the U.S. has dozens of cargo ships entering U.S. ports every day of the year. Just one cargo ship can carry troops, house missile systems, and possibly even be outfitted to offer Russian fighter jets a place to take off from and return to land and refuel. Essentially, an aircraft carrier and battleship disguised to look like a cargo ship.

How many of these could the Russians move into place, just off shore or even land and then launch attacks from U.S. ports?

Ace in Russia’s Sleeve

Russia we can bet would have it’s “ace in the sleeve” — meaning, one or more clever ways that they could get people here, and weapons, that the Pentagon may not quite see coming yet, or have a scenario for.

That ace may be “American based” manufacturing plants, where instead of just cars or airplanes being built, maybe weapons and weapon delivery systems are being built right here on U.S. soil, in industrial areas of major U.S. cities, with access to trucking fleets, helicopters, and heavy equipment that can be used to lay siege to several “soft targets” essential to putting America into a strangle hold and forcing a surrender.

In those U.S. based Russian manufacturing plants… how about Russian drones and — right on the forefront of science and technology — Russian robots?


In World War II, against Japan, America’s secret “ace” was the first working atomic bombs, shortly later dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bringing Japan to a quick surrender. Japan at first didn’t know what hit them.

Looking at Japan, history has seen the ace card played before with disastrous consequences.

Does Russia have an “ace” card?

Surviving a Russian occupation

Small town airports seized. FEMA camps and U.S. prisons turned into Russian concentration camps for U.S. citizens. Maybe we should have feared those “FEMA camps” after all. However, instead of an American flag flying overhead in those FEMA Camps, in this case it’s a Russian flag.

On day one of the attack, Russian suitcase nukes detonated in dozens of strategic places, including just outside several U.S. military bases; U.S. military bases wiped completely off the map — one more ace up the Russian military’s sleeve.

Localized EMP attacks that shut down power systems to critical infrastructure.

Russian forces come to power in your community. And now you have to swear allegiance or face execution.

Or there’s one more option to consider…

American resistance to foreign invaders

Whatever happens, will you live or die if a scenario like this one ever plays out?

Would you have a plan if something so far fetched as a Russian invasion ever brings parachuting troops into your community?

Alert: Vladimir Putin will not back down as the war drums accelerate between Moscow and Washington

Do you have a backup plan for the day you have to abandon your preps and make a hasty evacuation into the countryside, like World War II Jews fleeing Nazis as tanks and troops roll into town?

How the Jews survived

A lot of Jews died in Nazi concentration camps. Many though were able to escape, sometimes on “underground railroads”, and other times by being hidden by “law abiding” non-Jews (sometimes in secret rooms hidden in average-looking homes) until these Jews could sneak out of the area, often under the cover of darkness.

Tips for Surviving a Russian Invasion

One way to prep for a possible invasion is to outfit your home with a secret room, placed in such a way that even if someone were to look for a “secret room”, they wouldn’t find yours.

Outfit your secret room with ventilation, food, water, power, and communications equipment, so that if you and your family suddenly had to hide out, you could stay hidden for several hours, and then make your escape finally under the cover of darkness.

Where do you go?

Your community may be under Russian control, and the same thing may be said about any community down the highway you may have the impulse to flee toward. Control that impulse and realize you should probably take to the countryside and forests, and get away from cities and towns, and instead travel by trail, staying close to cover (like tall trees overhead).

If there’s no cover, put together something that will help camouflage you from the air above, where helicopters maybe patrolling, looking out for people down on the ground below fleeing the area.

That could be something as simple as a small tarp and a 2 – 3 cans of spray paint, with colors that look like the colors of the area you’re likely to travel through. For example, a desert environment, typical in Southern California, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. If you hear chopper blades in the distance, drop to the ground next to a rock or ditch or whatever object happens to be nearby, and use your painted tarp to disguise yourself from eyes in the sky.

Escape through forests

As much as possible though, plot a route that is going to take you through the trees. A large number of Jews made their escape through European forests (sometimes getting help from sympathetic locals along the way, but always having to be wary that one of these sympathetic locals would turn them over to the Nazis).

Use the forests because you need to have cover, and you also want to be in an area no one is likely to parachute troops into, if you happen to be fleeing an area under a wide scale attack. Remember, parachuting troops need a clearing to land.

Staying deep under the trees both blocks you from eyes in the sky, and keeps troops from landing near your location should you (or any number of people you’re traveling with) be spotted. I can’t recommend it enough, but a handy water filter will provide you with several weeks of water filtration from streams and lakes you’ll come across as you travel).

Dirt roads

On your maps look for gravel roads and dirt roads — these are secondary road systems typical in wilderness areas of the U.S. that are not likely to see invaders in the early days or weeks of an invasion. Most of an invaders’ attention (and somewhat limited resources) will be focused on populated areas and securing major roads, before in time moving on to less populated areas and lesser used roads.

Consider heading for areas that have small farming operations — not wide scale agriculture because again these may be targeted by an invasion force — and / or small towns in or near the mountains that don’t have an airport. Airports make it easy to fly in troops, and we can bet that the Russians have every airport and even many smaller airstrips marked down on maps. A rural airstrip’s proximity to a crucial “soft target” (keep reading) makes it more likely to be targeted in the early days (or even the first day) of a wide scale invasion.

Don’t enter town from the main road

Don’t enter town from the main road. Hard-pressed locals may not be too kind to new comers fleeing cities. Instead, one strategy may be to circle around town and come in from the far side and attempt to connect with a local family first. If that local family feels sympathetic for you, their friendship can be a doorway to being accepted by the local population and not just another mouth to feed. Now some towns may be welcoming to survivors fleeing cities. Survey any town you hope to enter from a distance (you’ll want a good set of binoculars) before entering town. Who knows what you might be walking into. Better safe than sorry. What if that town is all Russian military?

Bug Out Bag

Of course, if you’ve been following news in the prepper and survivalist community, you already know to have a Bug Out Bag packed with several days of food (consider bulk MRES for survival food rations if there’s a chance you’ll need to share some food with others) and a water filter system for procuring clean drinking water along the way (see link a few paragraphs up), as well as maps, weapon(s) for self defense, and everything else that make a great survival pack for surviving a time of war (no guarantees on those fish antibiotics but it seems that they can work for some).

Most likely, if you’ve made it to the forest far away from a populated area, don’t expect a pursuit from invading forces. Not yet anyway. They’re going to be busy seizing communities, and then going house to house.

Only as the days and weeks pass, are invading forces finally likely to make it out to distant rural towns and homes out in the countryside. That is of course except for towns and communities that lie in the path of prevailing winds that may carry dangerous levels of radiation from any major cities or military installations that have suffered a nuclear blast.

One way to add a layer of protection includes potassium iodate tablets, which can help protect you from the effects of radiation. (The U.S. government is reported by some to be stockpiling on these tablets.)

10 Rural areas of strategic importance to the Russians

That is unless you live in an area of strategic importance. What is an area of strategic importance? How about:

1) Oil refineries and oil wells

2) Natural gas plants

3) Gas refineries

4) Airports (even small ones)

5) Mining operations

6) Nuclear power plants and hydroelectric dams

7) Media outlets (newspaper, radio, television)

8) Industry (aerospace, metals, etc)

9) Manufacturing

10) Commercial agriculture (not all agricultural areas, just those considered essential to feeding Russian forces while also helping win over a conquered population by providing citizens with basic food needs)

Just about anything that keeps America powered and fed is likely to be a soft target, and not necessarily something that an invading force may want to simply destroy. Depending on how thorough their plans are for occupation, they may want to get these systems back online shortly after any have powered down, or even before one of these systems has powered down. (These 10 areas may not include all areas of importance to Russian invaders, but are some common areas to consider avoiding in your evacuation plans.)

What does this mean?

That even if you live miles away from a populated area, you may still be in danger early on in an invasion simply due to your proximity to a soft target.

And if you’re considered essential personnel employed at one of these soft targets, there’s a chance that invading forces already know a lot about you — your name, where you live, and — a scary thing to consider — perhaps they even have your family named and numbered and on a list.

Your family held hostage

You see, if day one of a Russian invasion includes going after several soft targets, a great way to keep personnel running these systems would be to take their families hostage, or simply lay siege to each soft target in question.

Russia (and its allies) have had a long time to put some thought into something like this.

If it ever happens, it’s because they believe it’s going to succeed.


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    1. What makes you think a neo con wrote this? Are you dense or blind or a obama/hitlery/sanders supporter? What makes you think they have no desire to invade? World domination has always been on the Russian agenda…….and capitulation to socialism and communism is high on the list of our current feckless CinC, his counterpart hitlery would take us to war in an instant if it meant money, but after learning of her sales of uranium to Russia, I don’t doubt that she would allow an invasion! With the destruction of our military by the obama administration, this country is facing a danger never seen before! If things go south, there will be blood in the streets, and EVERYONE, regardless of their professed support of whom ever, will be viewed the same………Hell of a time to be nothing more than a citizen, worse time to be someone who thinks the government will be there, so there’s no need to take any action on a personal level!

      1. @ GrayFox114 – And world domination hasn’t been on the USA’s agenda? WAKE UP! Our federal government has blood on its hands and an agenda to take over the world, reduce the global population by 90% and get rid of most of us Americans. has our population at 66 Million in 2025, compared to our population of 325 million, RIGHT NOW. Our nation has a 20 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT that WILL NEVER BE PAID. How is the government going to handle that? WAR! Everything is being blamed on Russia, and that is a damn shame. Millions are going to die (on our soil and around the world) because people like you are too blind to see the truth. Russia isn’t perfect, but our Federal Government are the main perpetrators, NOT Russia. The NWO/UN Elitist Cabal is setting all of us up, and many are just too stupid to see what is happening. Steve is right, Russia doesn’t want war, but the NWO/Central Banking Cabal sure does – they need to hide that Derivative’s Debt, which will NEVER be paid back, and reset the monetary system. Geez, I wish people would wake up and see the Truth instead of the MSM brainwashing narrative…

      2. The Russians and the Chinese are not stupid enough to try to invade us.
        As for the FEMA camps, they would be run by the Leftist Democrats and Rino’s.
        However the Russians and other’s might offer supplies and advisers to the rebels fighting against the FEMA camp internment and reeducation system.

    2. I agree, Steve! This looks like fear mongering to stir up hatred against the Russians.

      I fear our own evil government and what they might have planned for us than I do the Russians, who if they attacked us, would be doing so because our gov’t has provoked them into attacking.

      1. Americans have never hated the Russian people but i certainly do not trust KGB Putin just because Obama is a gay Muslim Communist.

    3. YOUR POLICE GANGS and YOUR own Military will be the biggest danger to americans,THEIR shooting at TARGETS of women and children,YOUR WOMEN and children,the BIO-WARFARE LAB at ft.detrick,maryland are the ones creating VIRUS’s and chemicals to spray on the citizens,NOT the russians,OH,the russians are going to NUKE the USA,make no mistake about that,BUT your police gangs will be WITH THE CHINESE,they traded sides the day they joined the UN,and all the GOVERNMENT is ROTTEN to the core,inside and out,top to bottom..Bought and paid for whores..

    4. exactly–the enemy is within, the enemy is empowered and in power, the enemy is importing the enemies, the enemy is walking into the USA, on and on and we. the people ARE PAYING FOR IT ALL.
      russia IS NOT THE PROBLEM.
      the progressive dems, the corrupt feds ARE THE DAMN PROBLEM.

  1. As always, it’s deception and collusion from within. Putin has been warning the US to stop be the aggressor. I’m not a Putin fan by no means, but how many times can a nation be warned to stop raiding, and destroying other countries and not be affected itself?

  2. I have dreamed of this scenario play out over 10 yrs ago now. Many Christians are having dreams and visions of what is to come. A good source found on youtube is the prophecy club. My dream dealt with red sky’s and Chinese on the march. The Russians came in through Alaska and Canada. Militia’s formed to help deal with the onslaught. To the south up through Mexico our borders were compromised and terrorists working with venizualan and south Americans and mexicans and chinese where attacking small towns and spreading like cancer. The Chinese landed in Florida and in California. I wonder who is in the know and this is why Obamas admin and senators like Finestein in California push for so much gun control after a moch CIA created shooting takes place. Immediately their pushing for gun control. Obama speaks at the UN about giving up some freedoms and our sovereignty for international global governance. (Not on my watch!)
    I have drempt of nuke attacks on the US since I was 8 years old, now over a dozen times. 33 now. I don’t doubt it won’t happen but an EMP attack will probably pre-emt it.
    Tough times ahead. Our nation has back slid into moral decay. Many have turned away from God to their own ways. God is patient and long suffering but eventually He has to judge the sin. He uses other nations to chastise. Repent and be forgiven. God will draw near to those who draw near to Him.

    1. You’re right, the Lord DOES use other nations to punish a nation who has forsaken Him. Look at the history of Israel; first it was the Philistines, the Assyrians who took the ten northern tribes, the Babylonians, then Greece (though the Maccabees led a successful revolution and revival), and finally Rome.

      May God help us to wake up from our deadly slumber and sleep. Can renewal happen? I believe it STILL can, and I believe He wants us to come back to Him. He’s loving and forgiving, and will save us if we as a nation will turn to Him. Since we cannot clearly find the USA in the book of Revelation, one scenario is that we will all but be wiped out, OR — it MIGHT be possible that we have turned back to Him and we are in a place of divine protection. Lord have mercy.

      May God help us all to repent of any/all sin. Blessings.

  3. This is 1940 tactics. The technology is so advance now a drones with flIr systems thermal imaging . If this was the events that took place. 1st the Russian would alow the effect of and EMP to starve what resistance into submission most survivors would welcome them . Get your head out of WW2 and find reality..

  4. When you travel, only a dope travels on dirt or noisy gravel roads, trails in the woods are perfect locations for ambush, and booby traps, Stay off of roads, and trails, if you must travel many yards paralleling them. otherwise travel cross country using paper maps purchased NOW or earlier from forrest service or USGS. Be sure you destination is a viable location and has water.
    This article or who ever wrote it doesn’t know anything about infantry tactics, and the advice above is foolish.

    1. I think they meant this for the initial evacuation from a large city or area under attack. Under such circumstances, a quick exit might be better than a slower better concealed one.
      Few ambushes would be set up on trails or rural secondary roads in the early days of an invasion. The need to control high value targets would prevail. Later on, these would be secured.
      A person must always weigh all available options and pick the best choice for that time and place. One mindset or option does not fit all circumstances.

  5. I have no fear of the Orthodox Russians, in fact, I welcome them.
    Identify the evil in your community, and help the Russians eliminate it.

  6. You don’t have a clue as to why Russia pushed into Georgia, do you? No, you don’t. As for Ukraine, I mean Crimea, there have always been Little Green Men in Crimea, long before your constitution was written. Ukraine was a U.N. NGO, State Dept., NSA, CIA funded revolution. And you have to be a complete idiot to think Russia invaded Ukraine. You honestly believe the Ukrainians are holding the “invading” Russians back from taking over their country? If Russia wanted Ukraine, Russia would have Ukraine. In fact, you don’t even know why the powers that be behind the Orange Revolution, instigated it, do you? I’ll tell you in 3 words… Black Sea Fleet. Why would they want to eliminate Russia’s Black Sea Fleet? Meh. For all the Be-My-Little-Generals out there, get out a map showing all of the Baltic States, Europe, Caspian Sea, Persia, Middle East, Mediterranean Sea, N. Africa, all the way down to the Arabian Sea. Gather some wisdom of all the machinations of US-NATO/Western Powers in these regions, and then apply some geo-political military strategy.

    I’ll help you out. Think: Bringing the non-integrated Gap, into the integrated Core. Who are the Gaps, and who are the Cores? Well, you can read the Project For A New American Century, and The Pentagons New Map. Or, simply… Bringing the non-integrated Gaps, into the integrated GLOBALIST NWO CORE.

    When you people will understand… EVERYTHING your government does, it does to COMPLETE the GLOBALIST agenda. THAT is the DEFAULT mode that YOUR government OPERATES on… and start with that premise, maybe then everything will become more clear.

    As for ANP? Common Sense Show? Etc.? These are the people telling you, that the Russians and Chinese are hiding out all throughout these United States, in our forests, in our military bases, in conex boxes, under our beds, ready to pounce on America, at the behest of our own government, and have been for YEARS, yet offer no videos, no pictures, except a couple of rehashed, and rehashed, and rehashed photos, such as from Ft. Carson Colorado.

    Once again, GET THIS IN YOUR HEADS: EVERYTHING your government does, (including NATO), it does to COMPLETE the GLOBALIST agenda. THAT is the DEFAULT mode that YOUR government OPERATES on.

    After all, they keep spitting it in your faces, and you keep calling it dew:

    And this is just one video, of them, spitting in your faces. Need more?

    Iran? Syria is just the springboard. All this hub-bub going on with Obama and Iran is just a set up for a false-flag future to invade Iran. Unfortunately for the globalist regime change for democracy crowd, Russia got in the way.

    And… do you even know what it means to your globalists, when they speak the word, “democracy”? It doesn’t mean, what YOU think it means.

    Here, this was done in 1972. Globalism is a work in progress and is subject to modifications over the years… as it is, a work in progress. For the astute among you, you will see it with eyes wide open. What do you see? Can you bring the color codes, the “regions” up to date?

    Americans… spit in their eye, and they call it dew.

  7. When did the Russians have anything to do with Red Dawn? North Korea if I remember. Also, suitcase nukes? Really…? Everyone wants our land, so any nuke going off at ground level will produce too much fallout to keep the the land viable, where a blast going off in the air produces much less fallout.
    Putin has made many statements alluding to not blaming the American People and feeling sorry for us. No country has the military might for a successful invasion and occupation of the US, or if they do, they are leaving their country pretty much undefended.

  8. Have you ever heard of J R Nyquist? He is a Russian Expert, and I believe once nominated for a Nobel Prize? He was recently involved in a roundtable discussion. This discussion was on the Omega Man Program…episode 3810. He was a guest with Ben Baruch and Doug Woodward. Only the Lord Jesus can save America… Blessings, James

  9. More Anti-Russian TRIPE.
    #1… Russia did not “invade” Georgia or the Ukraine.
    Crimea IS Russia and Russian troops are nowhere near the Ukraine.
    Russia has NO PLANS to “invade the USA” you frigging fool!
    Russia already GAVE BACK the worthless countries of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic etc… They are in SYRIA BY INVITATION!
    The USA is in Syria with NO Congress approval and NO UN sanction.
    WHO is the warmongering, Regime change country?
    THE USA!

    Come back when your FACTS are even remotely correct.
    You are dismissed!
    E-7 Ret.

  10. “He’s invaded two countries to date, the first being Georgia in 2008, and the second and most recently, the Ukraine”

    Georgia attacked Russian forces in Southern Ossetia in 2008 and Russia humiliated them. Georgia under Saaksashvilli fired the first shot.
    In ukraine you cannot invade where you are already. Russia is and was there legally.
    Crimea has been Russian since 1783 and became part of the RSFSR through the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on 30 June 1945 to transform the autonomous republic into the Crimean region of the RSFSR and with the allocation of Sevastopol as a separate administrative and economic center in 1948.

    Whoever write these silly articles is no historian or uni graduate for that matter.

  11. Anyone who uses “All News (Sewer) Pipeline” as a basis to make a decision is delusional.

    The site is a “blackhelicopter” nut-job site.
    Ditto with anything coming out of the mouth of Dave Hodges.
    Or Steve Quayle–or his idiot pal “Hawk.”

    The entire article is pure rubbish.
    There will be NO RUSSIAN INVASION of the USA.

    There is a high likelyhood that the USA will provoke a war with Russia.
    And the USA will loose, big time–as in nuclear nightmare.

    When this happens do not blame the Russians.
    Blame the fools in the US military and in our DC government who are pushing the Russians and the Syrian situation to the brink of war.

    We have no national interest in Syria, nor the Crimea, nor the Ukraine.
    The real reason we are trying to upend the Syrian government is because western money interests want to run a natural gas pipeline through that country, into Turkey and then into Europe.

    It’s all about $$$$
    Christian prophesies and the rest of that rubbish has nothing to do with the situation.

    The USA is the cause of all the chaos and death in Syria.

    If Russia retialites–it wil be for good reason and the USA will be at fault.

    1. You Sir, put down all these fore mentioned people and YET agree with MANY of their spoken outcomes.Dave Hodges and Steve Quayle have both mentioned the gas pipeline as the reason behind all threats Russian and USA in the same way that You have stated. You then label Christian prophecies as rubbish, and YET, if WWIII does occur, it would be in tune with what the Prophets and good people like Steve Quayle have mentioned. Your personal opinions will then be moot points and your thrashing of the Prophets, Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges will definitively be denounced by Your own stated words and opinions regarding WWIII.

  12. I have dreamed of this scenario play out over 10 yrs ago now. Many Christians are having dreams and visions of what is to come. A good source found on you tube is the prophecy club. My dream dealt with red sky’s and Chinese on the march. The Russians came in through Alaska and Canada. Militia’s formed to help deal with the onslaught. To the south up through Mexico our borders were compromised and terrorists working with Venezuelan and south Americans and Mexicans and Chinese where attacking small towns and spreading like cancer. The Chinese landed in Florida and in California. I wonder who is in the know and this is why Obamas admin and senators like Finestein in California push for so much gun control after a moch CIA created shooting takes place. Immediately their pushing for gun control. Obama speaks at the UN about giving up some freedoms and our sovereignty for international global governance. (Not on my watch!)
    I have dreamed of nuke attacks on the US since I was a kid, now over a dozen times. 33 now. I don’t doubt it won’t happen but an EMP attack will probably preemt it.
    Tough times ahead. Our nation has back slid into moral decay. Many have turned away from God to their own ways. God is patient and long suffering but eventually He has to judge the sin. He uses other nations to chastise. Repent and be forgiven. God will draw near to those who draw near to Him.

  13. Mmmmkaaaay. Glad I learned Russian in the USAF then…and still keep it fresh….It’ll come in handy when I tell the Russian guards to GFYs……

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