How To Survive The Upcoming Nuclear World War 3

How To Survive The Upcoming Nuclear World War 3

Most people will dismiss this forecast as highly improbable or even impossible.  While some will quote the Bible in anticipation that “Armageddon” will come out of the Middle East, others will outright refuse to believe that the Nuclear World War 3 is even possible.  And while some will verbally attack me, others will go as far as calling various mental facilities in California, demanding that they commit me without delay.

Whatever your view is, I want you to pay attention and do the following if you would like to

A. Survive this turbulent time period.
B.  Save your family or those close to you.

Once again, it is incredibly important that you start paying very close attention to macroeconomic and geopolitical developments over the next 10-15 years. You will begin to see that the things that were discussed in this book are being fully realized. Particularly,

  • Chinese economy will go through a very difficult time. Leading to a possible regime change.
  • Chinese and Russian relationship will improve dramatically.
  • China and Russia will come together to form a military alliance.
  • The US/NATO relationship with Russia/China will deteriorate significantly.
  • Economic warfare.

Such developments should bring us into the 2028-2029 time period. It is at this stage that some sort of a conventional military conflict between Russia/China and the US/NATO will begin.  If you are still dismissive of this forecast at that juncture, the law of natural selection demands your ultimate demise.

Yet, if you have a tiny bit of common sense you will immediately start making preparations for what is to come.  And thanks to this book you will now know exactly what that is. Conventional and economic warfare between the superpowers will deteriorate by 2035. So much so that one of the sides will be forced to use nuclear weapons. Leading to an all out nuclear exchange that will wipe out half the Earth’s populations in a matter of hours. The other half will go through unimaginable struggles and horrors as they try to put the pieces together.

Unfortunately, no one will save you.  There will no rapture and no baby Jesus (or Buddha or Allah or Krishna or Yahweh or Ronald Regan) will come down from the sky to save your sorry ass. Your government will no longer exist. Your prayers will not be answered and rich or poor, all will get vaporized in the very same fashion.  Point being, the life of your family is in your hands. No one else’s.

 “God helps those who help themselves
-Someone smart

What To Do When The Nuclear World War 3 Hits

Fortunately, it is possible not only to avoid the carnage and subsequent struggles, but to position yourself as a beacon of hope for future generations.  Yet, before that happens you MUST survive.


Survival Requirements:

STEP #1:  Do NOT join or affiliate yourself with any sort of a military branchIf drafted, dodge it.

Whether you live in the US, Russia, China or Timbuktu understand one simple truth.  War is for idiots. As Herbert Hoover so famously said, “Older rich men declare war, but it is the youth that must fight and die.”  I oftentimes look in disbelief as people around the world continue to kill each other over a piece of desert land that has no value or some superficial belief that has room in today’s society. Freedom, liberty, honor, beliefs, flags, patriotism, pledges, religions, national service, neighborhoods, borders, nationalism, etc….. All meaningless keywords and ideals created by the “Older Rich Men” to lead “Younger Fools” into battle.

Further, clearly understand the following. If you feel extra patriotic and end up joining a military service of any kind, you will not be coming back. No one will be coming back from this war.  It is as simple as that.  As such, avoid military service at all cost. If drafted, dodge it. Get out of the way and let the fools fight and die at the hands of their own ignorance.

STEP #2: Find a safe location that is far from major population centers.

As was mentioned earlier in the book, most major population centers throughout the world will be nuked.  If you live in the city with a population of over 1 Million or if you live near any sort of a military installation, chances are, you are on somebody’s target list.

For instance, while I tend to travel extensively and live around the world, my home base is in San Diego.  With a population of over 3 Million people and a number of massive military bases at Miramar, Camp Pendleton and Coronado, San Diego is definitely getting nuked.  Multiple times. In other words, when the war finally starts and accelerates (after 2030) you don’t want to be anywhere close to such a city.

Further, you don’t want to find yourself in small population centers either.  As a matter of fact, if at all possible you don’t want to be around people at all. Once the order breaks down and the society falls into disarray you might find yourself in situations that were unthinkable just a few years before. Looting, violence, murders and rapes, food scavenging, cannibalism, etc…. All sorts of crazy things will happen as society deteriorates and falls into darkness.  If you are smart enough you wouldn’t want to be anywhere close to that.

Which Countries Will Escape The Nuclear World War 3

Keep in mind, the survival of your family should be your number one priority. To accomplish that you have to do the following.

Survival Blueprint:

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STEP #1: Research & Select a Country Where You Will Stay

If you have the ability to travel anywhere in the world with your family, determine which country or area is your best bet.  While some parts of the world will be utterly annihilated, other will be able to make it through the ordeal without a scratch. Relatively speaking.

  • Areas That Will Be Destroyed Through Direct Strikes and Subsequent Radioactive Fallouts:  

Russia, China, Japan (most of Asia), all of Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most of the Middle East.

  • Areas That Will Be, More or Less, Spared

Parts of the South Pacific, Central Australia, parts of New Zealand, Central Africa, Central and South America’s.

If you live in a country that will face the brunt of the attack, you might want to consider moving your family to locations that will escape the worst of it as 2030 approaches and the war begins.  If you already live in the above mentioned countries, you are well ahead of the curve. At the same time, not many people can just pack up and move their entire family across the world.  If that is the case, consider the following.

STEP #2: Find a safe location for your family.

This step applies to everyone, regardless of whether or not you live in a safe or impacted area. Just remember, you don’t want to be around population centers. Large or small. As was suggested above, societies throughout the world will deteriorate. Impacted or not.  As such, you want to be as far away from everyone as possible. That is your best bet for survival.

Best Options If You Have Money and are Able to Move Around

Stick to Western societies. Essentially, you will have two options.

  1. Central Australia:  Scarcely populated, large open spaces.  And while coastal Australia will be nuked, this large body of land will not be impacted in its center. Making it a perfect location to setup a small household for your family to wait out the war.
  2. Central Canada (some parts of Alaska): If you prefer the cold, would like to remain in North America and don’t mind sharing your habitat with the polar bears, Canada is your best bet. While large population centers in Canada will be targeted, the rest of the country and its wilderness will be able to avoid the impact.

Contrary to a popular believe, the USA would not be a good place to wait out the war. For a number of reasons.   First, the U.S. will be the primary target in the nuclear war. If you are lucky enough to survive initial strikes, subsequent radioactive fallouts are likely to do you in. Second, the US is just too well connected for you to have the ability to be “off the grid” and far away from all major population centers. Finally, the US population is heavily armed and it will become violent once the society deteriorates.  Putting your family in an unnecessary danger.

Best Options If You Are Unable or Unwilling to Move Away From Your Home Country.

Yet, if you are unable or unwilling to move away from your home country, the following plan of action is your best bet. (Please Note: This applies to those who are willing to move as well).

  1. Locate an off the grid piece of land that is at least 300 miles away from any population center.  The more difficult it is to get there, the better.  Stay away from major roads. Make sure that a nearby clean source of water is available. Also, make sure that the land is fertile enough to farm on.
  2. Buy this piece of land. Do not buy it outright; get a loan if you can. By the time the war ends it is highly probable that neither your bank nor your IOU will exist.
  3. Build a simple one story house for your family and yourself. Just big enough to accommodate all of your needs. Try to hide or camouflage it the best you can.  Remember, you wouldn’t want to attract attention.  Even from the air.
  4. Build a small underground bunker/space on the property. Just in case.
  5. Rely on solar power as your primary source of power.

STEP #3: Learn How To Hunt, Farm & Filter Water:

Outside of finding the right place to protect your family over a 10-15 year period of time, this should be your number one priority.  As you very well realize, if you don’t have food or water, your family will vanish. That is why locating your property on a piece of fertile land becomes so important. Educate yourself on all aspects of farming and hunting.  When it comes to filtering water, concentrate on one primary aspect. Filtering as much radiation as you can out of your water supply. It is highly probable that most fresh water supplies will have various degrees of radiation in it for at least a few years. Due to radioactive fallouts throughout the world.

STEP #4: Weapons & Protection:

It is important to protect your family and yourself. Even though you should be “off the grid” and untraceable, it is hard to predict exactly how the events will unfold.  Given the circumstances, it would be a great idea to be in a procession of a few firearms. The more the better.  A few handguns (for each member of your family), one AK-47/74 and one AR-15 would be ideal.  Finally, learn how to make your own ammunition.  And while you are unlikely to use your arsenal, it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

STEP #5: Money & Assets:

While viewed as trivial by others, making the right steps in this area will help you set your entire family up for the future.  Here is what you need to do.

  1. Wait until the conventional war starts in 2028-2029. This will be your first sign that my prophecy is coming to fruition.  If you would like to know the exact timeframes I would suggest you follow my future works closely.
  2. Liquidate all of your assets. Stocks, bonds, 401K, IRA’s, etc….. Everything. Even your real estate holdings. I want you to go into 100% liquid cash.
  3. Do not pay off any of your loans. In fact, if you have the ability to do so, borrow as much money as you can.


By the time the war ends, your currency, your real estate, your banks, your insurance companies and your debts will no longer exist. They will be wiped out from the face of the Earth.

  1. Take whatever cash you have after liquidating everything and maximizing your loan portfolios and buy the only real money out there. Gold and Silver.  I would suggest allocating 75% of your capital towards Gold and the rest towards Silver.

It is important to understand that Gold and Silver are the only real money out there. They have been for tens of thousands of years.  When the nuclear war hits, the rest of the currencies, monetary systems and financial markets will collapse overnight. Only gold, silver, guns, ammo, food and water will surge ever higher in value. Giving your family the ability to be on the right side of a powerful trade.

STEP #6: Find Something To Do:

As you wait out the war, in isolation with your family if you are smart, you will need something to do.  Pick a number of long-term projects that will sustain your interest for many years. Learn a new language, write a few books or learn how to play a musical instrument.  I would highly recommend meditation in an attempt to jump to the next dimension of human consciousness. While it will take quite some time, something that you will have plenty of, it is the only thing that is truly worth doing in your lifetime.

STEP #7: Come Back and Help Rebuild The Human Race:

As you monitor developments in the outside world, return when the time is right. My cyclical work suggests that things will begin to return to normal around 2045-2050. As the dust settles, find a good place where you would like to live and return to civilization. Be gentle and never speak of how you have been able to avoid the war. Most of the people would have gone through unimaginable hardships by that time and you wouldn’t want them to resent you. Use your Gold and Silver to rebuild your civilized life and to help others. In whatever way that you can.  This period will represent a new beginning for the entire human race. Try to make it a good one.

Sample Plan……My Plan:

Personally, I don’t like the cold (Canada) nor would I want to live in the middle of nowhere (Australia). You will find me (well, hopefully you won’t) on one of the small islands somewhere in the South Pacific. Living in a small house with my family and those close to me. Far from any population center and as far from the war as you could possibly get. Far from nuclear explosions and radioactive fallouts.  Far from the pain and suffering that most of the humanity will have to go through.

I will enjoy a simple life of eating bananas, drinking coconut milk, fishing and lying on the beach. Exercise, meditation, writing books, educating local tribes and running. Perhaps I will finally have enough time to learn how to play a piano.  While most will view this period as one of the most destructive in the history of humanity, I view it as an opportunity for reflection and immense growth. When the war ends and the time is right, I shall return and help rebuild.

Is It Possible To Stop or Prevent This War?

NO. Unfortunately, that is not how the universal architecture nor the wheel of time work. The war will develop exactly as predicted in this book.  Yes, it is possible to avoid the war, but for that to happen human race must be fully awake, aware and conscious.  In other words, human beings must operate at the same level of consciousness that Buddha was….that Jesus was, etc…. Unfortunately, 99.999999% of the Earth population lives in deep unconsciousness.  Interested only in greed, cheap pleasures, trivial Earthy pursuits, etc…. This war must happen. It is unavoidable and it will act a huge wakeup call that we need to change our approach to life.

What If I Want to Fight For My Country and/or For My Way Of Life?

You are a fool. There are no countries, there are no races, there are no colors and there are no enemies. There is only one human race and only one universal consciousness. Borders and hate are drawn by fools for even bigger fools. I beg you, step aside and let the wicked and the fools kill each other in the name of ignorance. Step aside and prosper. Fight and die. The choice is always yours.

Good luck everyone.

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