I have been troubled by a video that has been going viral on the internet, purporting to show a human sacrifice on the campus of CERN. The video is allegedly shot from an apartment that looks down upon the campus in the area where the dancing Shiva is seen illuminated in the darkness.

The multi-armed Shiva is recognized as the primordial destructive force of the universe mentioned by J. Robert Oppenheimer when he quoted the Bhagavad-Gita describing the force of the atomic bomb saying “I have become death the destroyer of worlds.”

In the video the individuals involved were all dressed in hooded black robes, while they either sacrificed or re-enacted a blood sacrifice of a young girl to the deity.

Now this whole ritual is done within the campus of CERN that is highly secure and the video is shot from the third floor of Building 40 which is an office complex for many of the staff there. The person shooting the video is also wearing a cloak as his reflection seen in glass of the window.

People are now alarmed that a possible Satanic ritual was performed there and for some time, there has been speculation that occult rituals have been carried out at the facility before.

Now, conspiracy theorists have proof that something of occult nature takes place there, or it could be a mock ritual like what is carried out at the Bohemian Grove.

There is no claim of a hoax and going through the motions of bloodletting or really doing it should be a red flag. There is no report of the Swiss authorities investigating such a ritual.

Kali Ma, called the “Dark Mother,” is the Hindu goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction. She is especially known in her Destroyer aspect, squatting over her dead consort, Shiva because in order to stop her, he threw himself under her feet.


Kali, in this aspect is said to be “The hungry earth, which devours its own children foe their blood and fattens on their corpses…”

Kali serves as the archetypal image of the birth-and-death Mother, simultaneously the womb and tomb, giver of life as well as the devourer of her children. Many western interpretations of Kali in art and literature just depict the destructive aspect of this goddess, which tend to portray her as fearsome and evil. In the London Museum, there is an image of her which is labeled “Kali-Destroying Demon.” This deity is mentioned in a brief paragraph as the consort of Shiva, and “a goddess of disease.”

Kali Ma is said to have become more powerful after she drank the blood of her victims. In some artists depictions, she is seen with blood dripping from her tongue.

The Countess, Elizabeth Bathory, was born in Transylvania in 1560. She was born into a privileged family whose members included knights, cardinals, and kings. She spent her days living a life of privilege surrounded by great wealth, always being taught the ways of an aristocrat. However, Elizabeth also had some other unique instruction. She was instructed in the dark arts by her uncle, an alchemist, and was introduced to witchcraft and sadomasochism by one of her aunts.


Rumors about the Countess’s brutal nature began circulating in 1602. Countess Bathory passed the time and drudgery of ruling over her 17 villages by torturing servants for her own amusement. Not satisfied with the occasional beatings, Bathory quickly graduated to hot pokers, needles under fingernails, and stitching mouths shut. She also had a fondness for covering villagers in honey and watching as insects and animals devoured them.

Some of Bathory’s other documented wickedness included forcing victims to cook and eat their own flesh, forcing them to stand in buckets of ice outside until they froze to death, starvation, poisoning, and on one occasion having a gypsy man sewn up in to the belly of a dead horse. And these were just a small sample of what she was accused of at her trial. After her death, it was revealed that she enjoyed bathing in the blood of her victims as well as drinking it in order to maintain her youth.

Bloodletting and even modern blood drinking has always been a controversial idea. In the yarns of conspiracy theory, this stokes the fires of a 6000 year old secret regarding the 0.5% elites; from Royal families to world rulers that bloodlines and ritual blood drinking continues today and that youthful blood keeps them living longer.

Is it a coincidence the Queen Mother lived to be 101? Queen Elizabeth II just celebrated her 90th birthday, Prince Phillip her husband is now 95. It has been rumored for sometime, the Royals drink the blood of the young to stay alive.


In 2011, there were witnesses from the First Nation Schools in Canada that came forward to tell horrific stories of how Mohawk children the disappeared or were killed or sacrificed.

Nearly 500,000 graves were found, at the Mohawk Institute, which was a residential school for Mohawk Indians operated by the Church of England and the Vatican before its closure in 1970. All of the graves were children.

According to Rev. Kevin Annett, Secretary of the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and States the Mohawk Institute was “set up by the Anglican Church of England in 1832 to imprison and destroy generations of Mohawk children. This very first Indian [First Nations] residential school in Canada lasted until 1970, and, like in most residential schools, more than half of the children imprisoned there never returned. Many of them are buried all around the school.

There were many First Nation residential schools owned by the Vatican and the Crown and many witnesses have come forward as far back as 2008 commenting about the Queen and Prince Phillip arriving at the schools selecting an even number of boys and girls and then having them taken from the schools never to be seen again.

The account allegedly happened in 1964.

One of the witnesses that made this claim was 59 year old William Combes. He stated that in 1964, Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth arrived at the Catholic school in Kamloops, B.C. and selected 10 children. They had the children removed from the school. None of the children were ever seen again.

The group that disappeared were seven boys and three girls, in age from six to fourteen years old.

In the book, Mummies Cannibals and Vampires, by Dr. Richard Sugg, it is reported that in medieval Europe medicinal cannibalism was practiced by people of Royal stature. It was believed that eating human fat, drinking blood, and eating brains from skulls could cure anything from nosebleeds to heart problems. In the heyday of medicinal cannibalism, bodies or bones were routinely taken from Egyptian tombs and European graveyards. Not only that, but some way into the eighteenth century one of the biggest imports from Ireland into Britain were human skulls.


Skulls were routinely ground up and they had oil distilled from them. It was used to cure all kinds of ills. The concoction was often called the ‘King’s Drops.”

Throughout history, cultures across the globe have extolled the properties of youthful blood, with children sacrificed and the blood of young warriors drunk by the victors. Of course now we have modern medicine and these ancient practices of blood drinking and skullduggery have escaped us right?

Of course now, we have modern medicine and these ancient practices of blood drinking and skullduggery have escaped us, right?

Well, not exactly. New information is now being reported where blood drinking or youthful blood transfusions are now out in the open.

Years ago, it was rumored that the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-II injected himself with blood from healthy young virgins to slow the ageing process. Many of our leaders are living very long lives. Fidel Castro just celebrated his 90th birthday, George H.W, Bush just had birthday last June – he is 92. Last May, Henry Kissinger turned 93 and David Rockefeller is 101.

Now scientists have found that young blood actually “recharges” the brain, forms new blood vessels and improves memory and learning. There are also vampire facelifts where red blood cells are taken from platelets and are injected in the skin to make it look more youthful.

In parallel research, scientists at Harvard University two years ago discovered that a “youth protein” which circulates in the blood is responsible for keeping the brain and muscles young and strong.

The protein, known as “GDF11,” is present in the bloodstream in large quantities when we are young but diminishes as we age. So far, these procedures are considered high-priced and are mainly being used as a way the elite can remain youthful and vibrant.

Ambrosia, a startup based in Monterey, California, is starting a clinical trial to rejuvenate people over 35 by injecting them with young people’s blood.

The company is piggybacking on research, such as the 2014 studies by Harvard Stem Cell Institute researcher Amy Wagers, that suggest linking the circulatory system of young mice to old mice facilitate rejuvenation in the elderly mice. This kind of surgery is called, parabiosis, and has existed since the 1860’s.


In these studies, the researchers surgically sewed the skin of the two mice together, exposing the old circulatory system to young blood. The studies suggest a correlation between the procedure and improvement of the appearance and function of the weakened, enlarged hearts of older mice.

In their trial, Ambrosia will not be using whole blood but only plasma transfusions. Participants in the trial will undergo plasma transfusions from donor less than 25 years old. The company will be testing the blood before, and 1 month after, the procedure for over 100 blood biomarkers.

The trial has generated much interest, including PayPal co-founder and Facebook investor Peter Thiel. He himself is willing to try out young plasma transfusions, according to Inc.


But Thiel is not the only party interested in the trial. Ambrosia is experiencing push back, with critics questioning the methodology and benefits of the transfusions.

Critics point out the pay-to-participate model of the trial, likening it to unproven stem-cell clinics cropping up all over the United States. Participants will be paying $8,000, which will supposedly cover the cost of plasma from a blood bank, lab tests, the ethics review, insurance, and an administrative fee.

Another point of contention is the way the trial is being run. There is no control group in the trial and no placebos will be used. Also, the participants don’t have to be sick or elderly to join; all they need is to be 35 and above and have $8,000. There is also the fact that there are no well-accepted biomarkers for aging in the blood.

So I guess the question is, has this type of blood therapy been in use by our leaders for thousands of years? Is there power in human blood and is there any reason to believe that our leaders like the Royal Family and some of our presidents have a divine rite to rule because of their bloodline?

When you see an aging billionaire like Peter Thiel wanting plasma transfusions based on the science of parabiosis, you have to wonder if he was notified of the secret that all elites have known about for millennia.

What is the current state of the science in terms of parabiosis and anti-aging effects? Any specific health claims for humans is definitely unproven at this time, but the research is intriguing.

Experiments were first conducted in 1864 by Physiologist Paul Bert. He cut the skin of two mice, and then sewed them together. When they healed together, their blood vessels combined, enough so that they essentially shared their circulatory systems.

This technique became popular for studying physiology. Researchers could discover if blood factors affected some physiological property. The technique could be used to study the effects of hormones, for example.

In the 1950s, researchers connected old mice to young mice to determine its effects. They found that the old mice experienced numerous rejuvenating effects. Many biomarkers of youth returned, and the mice lived longer. The younger mice connected to older mice also had shorter life spans.

Parabiosis experiments died out in the 1970s, partly because researchers had learned what they could from the technique, and regulations of animal research made it more challenging to conduct the experiments.

If plasma is enough, then what effect does it have? Can it treat diseases like Alzheimer’s? Can it increase lifespan? How long do the effects last?

Critically – are there any risks or side effects? The mouse research revealed what was called, parabiosis disease. In an experiment with 69 mouse pairs, 11 of them died quickly. It is believed this was from some incompatibility, a form of rejection. This has been reduced in later experiments by using genetically matched inbred mouse strains. So, how carefully matched do the plasma donors have to be to the recipients?

Some researchers object to the notion that young plasma transfusions should be considered “rejuvenation.” No cells are being rejuvenated – they are just being stimulated into working harder. This may provide a temporary benefit, but is unlikely to significantly affect aging.

However, circumstances seem to show that if the rumors are true about the vampire nature of our leaders and if billionaires see fit to hook themselves up with the blood of children – there seems to be a desperate attempt to reap all that can be found in the land of blood and honey.


By Ron Patton, Ground Zero Media


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