Obama vs. the Generals: If You were ordered to remove Obama from office by the military, would you?

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The first role of the state, and the most basic duty of the American president, is to protect the nation and its people from foreign threats.

After the Friday the 13th attacks on Paris, and yesterday’s attack in Nice it is no longer possible to pretend that ISIS is not a threat to Western Civilization and to the U.S.  As such, the American people are entitled to demand of President Obama nothing short of the eradication of its self-declared Caliphate, the elimination of every individual in its ranks, and the utter bankruptcy of the evil ideology upon which it rests.

Yet Obama has declared ISIS, authors of systematic rape slavery, butchery of children, and genocide, nothing more than a “JV team,” a bunch of “criminals” whose savagery has no connection to Islam. The attack and deaths in Paris and the ones in Nice yesterday are nothing more than a “setback,” and whose actions require no reconfiguration of strategy whatsoever.

In a interview with Trunews, Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney and Retired U.S. Army General Paul Vallely spoke about the possibility of a Constitutional Crisis that may occur if Barack Obama refuses to protect the American people from the threat of ISIS and radical islam. The Generals also said that it may come to the point where the US Military may have to remove Obama from office. The Generals also stated that Obama has moved the US stance on Terrorism from one of fighting against it to one of providing it aid and comfort.

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The fact that retired United States Military Generals are even talking about removing Barack Obama from the Presidency shows how much of a Constitutional crisis exists.

Few of the more than one hundred million American voters, moved by war weariness, anger at incumbents, eagerness to elect the first president with African heritage envisioned that the Obama presidency would result in the deliberate abnegation of their national security.

Yet seven years into his presidency, Obama promises the American people more of the same even as it becomes crystal clear that we are in, and are losing, World War III.

Whatever transpires between now and January 2017, the risible response to all the criminal attacks establishes that it is past time, by any lawful means, to remove President Obama from power for dereliction of his duty to engage and defeat radical Islam.



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  2. Rick it must be done before a False Flag , or real Event will cause Obama to Declare M-Law back by UN & this Private Secret Military, once He declares Himself Dictator, He has written into law no! one can remove Him not Congress or anyone. May God be with you & God protect Us & have Mercy upon us in Jesus Name , Thank You General’s we need your wisdom , God Bless & Protect you in Jesus Name!

  3. The time is coming when the loyalty and devotion of everyone will be tested to the max. The most ardent supporters of this administration and its most ardent opponents will see things that will completely change their perspective and loyalty as the various forces, information and propaganda align.

    1. Better late than never, Steve. I agree with you that this should have happened a while ago, but at least now they are showing signs of actually protecting our Constitution, as they swore to do. Let’s remember we are paying their salaries too. I for one have not felt good about paying for us to be screwed.

  4. IN 1965,I was stopped and searched,by americas hero’s the police gangs,they were looking for anything they could find so they could write me a ticket,THEY found it,Glasspack muffers,10 dollar ticket,I ASKED MY DAD,what is going on here,HE said son,the criminals are running the country now,AND THE DAYS coming YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT THESE THIEFS,he said they will try to take over the country and kill everyone to STEAL EVERYTHING YOU OWN,their paycheck won’t be enough,they want it all,their just BLIND STUPID,now we see them lining up with the UN MILITARY prepearing to ATTACK us,and its easy to see for those with their eyes open,BUT 90% of americans are to blind drunk and on drugs watching football,or sports,AMERICA IS GOING DOWN,in a shower of blood..AT THE HANDS OF THEIR HERO’S THE POLICE GANGS,who took an OATH TO GOD and did LIE……..

  5. remove him, please read Jerome Corsi book Obamanation. I read it before he won the election in 2008. It is in full mode and is very true. Hillary follows the same. Don’t you this its non coincidental that in the bible obamanation has a specific definition? . Ok on a lighter note ” everytime I hear the name Hillary, I think of the Yellow Submarine . When Ringo meets the Nowhere man The boob.

  6. We need a coup! What does it take for our military to take action before it’s to late. Yes impeachment now for crying out loud. How old is this video?

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