Are YOU Prepared For A Real Gunfight? Take This 3-Second “Test” And See For Yourself!

Are YOU Prepared For A Real Gunfight? Take This 3-Second “Test” And See For Yourself!

This is going to seem offensive, but I gotta say it anyway…

97% of gun owners are NOT prepared to protect their loved ones with their firearm.

And yes, I’m even talking about those “expert” shots down at the gun range in their 5.11 pants, Glock tactical cap, and expensive shooter glasses.

Why do I make such a bold statement? Well…

Take This 3-Second Gunfighting “Test” To See How Prepared You Are For A Real Attack…


Ok, pretend you have a gun right now (you can use your fingers as a “gun”)… get in your perfect stance… and imagine that you’re about to fire at an attacker with a knife in front of you.

Now… how far away is that “picture” of your attacker in your mind?

How do you “feel” with your gun pointed at him?

How confident are you that you’ll hit your target at that distance?

I don’t have to be a psychic to know that in your mind, your attacker is probably standing (stationary) at least a good 10-15′ away… your barrel is pointed right at center mass – ready to fire… and you have no doubt in your mind that you’ll hit your target with that very first trigger pull.

And that’s the problem…

Studies Show That A REAL Gun-Fight Isn’t Like Your Typical “Range Training” Scenario

In a real gun fight…

… your attacker is going to be right on top of you (punching or stabbing you)

… you’re lucky if you even have your gun drawn and aimed at his body

…  your adrenaline is going to make you feel like you’re on the world’s fastest roller coaster

… and even the most trained police officers in the U.S. actually MISS their target ~ 75% of the time!

That’s reality my friend.

And if some “expert” tells you that’s false because “FBI stats” say your attacker will be 15′-21′ away, then don’t even bother arguing with them.

Anyone who uses those stats is hopelessly stuck in the same fantasy world everyone else is.

Unfortunately, the “techniques” nearly every gun owner trains with are designed for “ideal” scenarios where your attacker is a good distance away, allowing you to draw your weapon and slap your sights exactly where you want to hit.

Some advanced programs even train you for “close combat” using things like “point shooting”, but…

Hardly ANYONE Ever Trains For “EXTREME” Close-Combat Shooting (And That’s A BIG Mistake)!

I’m talking about when where your attacker is right in your face… and possibly even grabbing your gun and punching you at the same time!

THIS is the scenario you most likely are going to have to deal with if you’re ever forced to draw your gun in self defense.

To truly develop “stopping power” skills, you must switch not only how you train for an ambush attack… but the very tactics you’re using!

Trust me… I’ve seen even so-called “tactical courses” from experts that (in my humble opinion) will get you killed in a real no-warning ambush.

It may require you to keep an open mind and challenge some of your personal “ gunfight beliefs ”, but let me ask you…

Isn’t your family’s protection more important than “bragging rights” of your tight shot-group down at the range?

I already know the answer.

Developing your “counter-ambush tactics” really is the key to going from “gun owner” to “gun FIGHTER“.


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