Obama Encourages Illegal Aliens to Vote, “When You Vote, You are a Citizen”

Obama Encourages Illegal Aliens to Vote, “When You Vote, You are a Citizen”

In the video clip that follows, President Obama speaks of the sanctity of the vote.  If he were only speaking in the proper context, he would have a valid point.  Unfortunately, he’s not.  In perhaps the most blatant, illegal “get out the vote” effort for Hillary, he has publicly announced that citizenship is not a requirement to vote in the election.

This isn’t just a matter of bad policy, this is a criminal act on the part of Mr. Obama:  The President of the United States Barack Obama has boldly and publicly just told a segment of the US population to go commit a crime.  Have we gotten so used to criminality pouring out of the Obama-Clinton axis that nothing phases us anymore?

And to think we used to just worry about citizens being bussed around at government expense to influence the outcome.

Watch for yourself and be prepared to be stunned (and angered):

The 2016 presidential election will be long remembered for achieving new lows.  However, one of the most surreal is the image of the sitting president telling an illegal alien that she should have no concerns over government reprisals if she votes.  In other words, Mr. Obama simply told this woman, in public, that citizenship is not a requirement to vote.

Of course, citizenship is a requirement to vote.  It’s the law.  It’s a law Obama doesn’t like.  It’s a law that might hurt Hillary’s chances thereby endangering his legacy.  In Obama’s eyes, his legacy is more important than obeying election laws.

Since this extraordinary statement by Mr. Obama was made in a public venue, he effectively told all non-citizens that they can vote without any concerns that they will be tracked down and deported.  Mr. Obama should be tracked down and arrested.  The end of fair elections equals the end of the American Republic.  Mr. Obama’s sacred legacy and Mrs. Clinton’s chances of winning don’t count.

When it comes to vote-rigging, old Mayor Daley of Chicago of decades past could have only been jealous of what Mr. Obama has accomplished in one very short public comment.



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