Scientific Evidence: Obama’s Birth Certificate Copy Proven Fake And Forged

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It was only a matter of time that Obama’s birth certificate scandal would catch up with him.

The Manchurian Candidate was chosen because of his extremely shady past which was covered up with his very first executive order —the sealing of all of his personal records. No other U.S. president has ever taken such a radical measure to cover up his past.

Even the chairman of the political science department at Columbia University has no record or memory of Obama’s attendance or matriculation in the small poly sci program. Many students in the same program have likewise gone public about their complete lack of recognition of Obama during the years of his supposed attendance.

Birth certificate proven to be a fraudulent document

On Thursday, December 15th the Cold Case Posse from the Maricopa County Sheriff Department has authorized the release of an exclusive video which scientifically proves that Obama’s birth certificate (BC) copy is an obvious fake. The investigation was headed by Mike Zullo with the official appointment made by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

It’s not even a good forgery; rather, the BC document posted at the official website by the POTUS is an extremely amateur and low-quality forgery.

This professional opinion has now been rendered by some of the best experts in the field of forensic document analysis.  These digital document specialists are in complete agreement that the birth certificate presented by President Obama is 100% fraudulent.

They have even gone on to prove that it was fabricated using another birth certificate which belonged to Hawaiian Johanna Ah’Nee.  The following video quite clearly demonstrates how Obama’s forger pieced the fake BC document together layer by layer.

That the crudely forged BC document was so easily deconstructed immediately gave rise to suspicions throughout the entire field of criminal document forensics.  Many an expert has stepped forward over the years to render their respective opinions about the bogus BC. Many have remarked that it was a transparent attempt to pass off a fake BC copy as a reproduction of Obama’s original COLB (Certificate of Live Birth) which incidentally has never been made public.

BC criminal activity constitutes a series of felonies

Given the new conclusive evidence, it is now clear that the POTUS has formally filed and posted a fraudulent BC with the explicit intention to deceive the American people. Likewise, the DNC is responsible for the deliberate breakdown in their POTUS vetting process of Barack Obama. The DNC leadership quite purposefully (and criminally) permitted an imposter to run for president not once but twice.

Therefore, there will be many Democrat VIPs who have committed misprision of felony at the minimum and are also guilty of participating in a massive conspiracy to deceive the American people of Barack Obama’s qualifications to run for president.

This ongoing conspiracy and cover-up runs both very deep and very broad within the Democratic Party and Executive Branch.  It also involves the leadership of the Republican Congress since many throughout the House and the Senate were handed evidence of the documented crimes, and yet did absolutely nothing about it.

This Maricopa County investigation has been very well publicized for several years now and public servants at different levels of government have been intimately made aware of the criminal activity involved.  Not one single government official has moved to call for an appropriate hearing or investigation.  This continued negligence alone constitutes misprision of felony, and therefore forms a legal basis for the removal of much of the U.S. Congress.

Constitutional Crisis

As President Barack Obama winds down his second term, he leaves the United States of America mired in a profound constitutional crisis.

• Every executive order that he signed is now null and void.

• Every international treaty that he signed is null and void.

• Every piece of legislation that he signed is null and void.

Simply put, the sitting POTUS failed to legally fulfill the most basic qualification to run for the highest office in the land.  More importantly, a number of serious felonies were committed to successfully attain the Office of the President.

There will be severe consequences to go all around.  And President-elect Trump is bound by law —  especially by the relevant federal statutes — to have the FBI and DOJ fully investigate and prosecute these crimes against the American people.

State of the Nation

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