Nuclear war or civil war: The big cities will become cauldrons of violence and death – but you CAN survive

Nuclear war or civil war: The big cities will become cauldrons of violence and death – but you CAN survive

To many people, times are as tense now in the United States as they have ever seen them. Some older Americans who lived through the unrest in the 1960s see some similarities between then and now, but even they say that political, social and cultural anxieties across America today are much higher and runs much deeper, affecting all demographics and political persuasions.

The election of Donald J. Trump, while heartening to tens of millions of people, has nevertheless become a rallying cry for the fascist Left, which has become emboldened thanks to Democratic politicians and Left-leaning financiers of domestic terrorism like George Soros. Leftists who run most large U.S. cities now openly challenge the federal law and the constitutional order. In doing so they are providing a terrible example to an entire generation of young Americans who are being led to believe – falsely – that they get to decide which rules of society should be observed and obeyed and which should not.

As volatile as the situation has become, it will only take one spark – perhaps at UC Berkeley, perhaps somewhere else – to ignite a nationwide civil war.

Add to this mix the threat of a nuclear detonation in a major American port city, and you can begin to see that things could get out of hand very quickly.

The most unstable places will be our cities, of course. And no matter how many police are deployed to contain the violence, it won’t be enough. What’s more, there won’t be nearly enough National Guard forces to augment all of the cities that will need help – and that’s even if you get 60-80 percent of Guard troops (who are civilians most of the time) to even show up, considering they’ll want to protect their families too.

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Most may believe that there is simply no way to survive an urban breakdown. But that’s not true. Consider what’s going on right now in Syria. For all intents and purposes, the only major city that even functions – barely – is the capital of Damascus. The rest of the country is bombed out and decimated. And yet people survive in these ruins because they have learned to adapt and band together.

To improve your chances of survival, the following are must-have items, no exceptions (and no cutting corners):

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— Food: In a widespread societal collapse, grocery stores will be among the first to be looted. What’s more, the 18-wheelers that resupply stores will cease to operate, meaning there isn’t going to be any new food coming into the city.

So you’re going to have to stockpile it in your home or apartment. And I’m not talking about a couple days’ worth; if you want to survive a long-term chaotic situation, you’re going to have to stock for the long term, like six months or more. Keep in mind you can “live” on about 1,200 calories a day if you’re not doing much of anything, so extrapolate that out for the number of people in your household to give you an idea how much you’ll need.

— Water: The most important survival item is water, period. Your body can’t live past three days without water; you’ll dehydrate and die, it’s as simple as that. In warmer weather, you may dehydrate even faster.

So again, you’re going to have to stockpile water – months and months of it. You can pick up a 24-pack of bottled water for very little money, and each time you go to the store you should grab 1-2 24-packs. You’ll be surprised how much water you can store in just a few months. But for cooking and generalized hygiene as well as first aid, you’re going to need water – and lots of it. Begin stockpiling it now.

— Firearms and ammunition: If you don’t have some way to protect yourself against roving bands of thugs, angry (hungry, thirsty) neighbors and other ne’er do wells, your chances of living longer than a few weeks are pretty slim. It is recommended that you get your hands on a firearm, and get yourself the training and experience to know how to use it. Ammunition will also be in short supply so like your food and water, stockpile ammunition. Having at least 2,000 rounds for each gun you have is good; 3,000 rounds each is better.

— Basic medical supplies: This will consist of band-aids and bandages, antibiotic cream, over-the-counter painkiller/anti-fever meds, cough syrup, chapstick, eye drops, and – if you suffer from allergies – an antihistamine.

Bugging out won’t be an option, most likely, because the collapse will come quickly and you’ll just be better off, most likely, by sheltering in place with your supplies. Work this out in your mind: It’s going to be nasty. There will be violence. There will be death. There won’t be anyone to help you (right off the bat). It’s going to get ugly.

Cities are wonderful places to live for most folks, but they will descend into cauldrons of hate, violence, and deprivation when society breaks down.

Although I think it’s possible to survive most types of disasters while living in the city, that doesn’t mean the city isn’t more dangerous than the countryside. By choosing to remain in the city, you are facing several potential dangers, and it’s important that you be aware of those dangers.

— Gas leaks: In a disaster scenario, the chances that a city’s natural gas employees are all keeping their regular work hours is low. While they may be able to lock down immediate threats, they might not be able to prevent disaster forever. A natural gas infrastructure left without maintenance for months at a time poses a danger to everyone dwelling in the city. You must prepare for a scenario where you will be threatened by leaking natural gas and to do that you should purchase a gas mask or make your own. It is also best to relocate your shelter as far away from a natural gas main as possible.

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— Garbage and Sanitation: Very few people consider the money and effort it takes the local government to orchestrate the removal of your trash. In a survival scenario, the garbage truck won’t come every week like it always has. As a result, the buildup of trash will pose a very real threat to any prepper wanting to stay clean. Similarly, survivors living in proximity to one another without electricity and trash removal are much more likely to contract and spread disease, and nothing could be more harmful to a tightly-packed population than an epidemic.

Be mindful of ways to dispose of your trash. Recycle and reuse as many inorganic materials as you can. Come up with a system to mulch all your food waste as well. This will go a long way towards keeping your environment clean, and it can serve as a great fertilizer for a garden.

Law enforcement—real or impersonated: In the event of a disaster, law enforcement officials will most likely instate martial law. While this is meant to protect citizens, often it can rob them of the means to protect themselves. History supports this idea, with many examples of government agents confiscating registered firearms from law-abiding citizens in the wake of a natural disaster.

Countering this threat is simple: arm yourself in multiple ways. Typically, law enforcement officials are the good guys and can be a great help in a dangerous situation. If they become a threat by taking firearms, have backup systems of protection in place. Having a gun is not your only means of defending yourself, and resisting the National Guard while they are trying to take your guns will probably lead to an unsafe situation for you.

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The threat of people impersonating law enforcement officials is also very real. Criminals thrive on chaos, and some may try to take advantage of the natural trust people give police, firefighters, and other men and women in uniform. While it can be tough to distinguish a real law enforcement agent from a fraud, keep your eyes open for any mannerisms or actions that seem out of place.

Hostile groups of people: Probably the most prevalent threat in a city is other people. If you can master having clean food, clean water, shelter, and sanitary living conditions, there will probably be someone else out there who wants that and is willing to resort to violence to take it. The best way to handle hostile groups of people is to belong to a community of your own that protects itself. People survive better together, and having someone you can trust may make all the difference.

Fleeing crowds: The problem with fleeing the city is you may not be the only one with that idea. In the initial moments of a disaster, people’s primal fight for survival oftentimes overrides their compassion and rational thinking. Examples of this can be seen in rushing cars creating traffic accidents and people trampling each other to death in an effort to escape disaster. If you don’t bug out quickly enough and hordes of people are already trying to leave using cramped, small venues and exits, you might be better off waiting until the madness dies down.

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