MARTIAL LAW: When the elite makes food scarce, a fearful, traumatized population by the thousands and perhaps millions will seek food, shelter and protection any way they can, easily led to their slaughterhouse

MARTIAL LAW: When the elite makes food scarce, a fearful, traumatized population by the thousands and perhaps millions will seek food, shelter and protection any way they can, easily led to their slaughterhouse

Some dismiss it as fear porn incessantly pumped out on the internet, constantly warning Americans that dictator Obama has a sinister design to create a national crisis in order to declare martial law as a means of canceling November’s election and thereby stay in power. Of course that kind of conspiracy theory speculation has only been fueled by this summer’s rise of alleged terrorist attacks and staged mass shootings skyrocketing both in America and across the globe. After the bloodiest Ramadan month on record, near daily terrorist attacks and mass killings are now striking Germany, France, Sweden and Japan like never before. The latest victim was an elderly priest, his throat slashed in his Catholic church by an electronic ankle bracelet wearing ISIS terrorist in a sleepy French village in Normandy. In Japan a knife-wielding killer on a rampage murdered 19 mentally disabled people and wounded 45 more, calling it a mercy killing for their overburdened caregivers.

This year the globalists have been working overtime, stepping up Western state sponsored terrorism attacks around the globe using their Islamic jihadists and deranged extremists as their regular go-to patsies. The hundreds of terrorist cells embedded in the millions of migrating refugees still pouring into Europe and America have Merkel and Obama still welcoming them with open arms, just as their puppet masters pulling their strings demand, while the entire world knows it’s reaping disastrous consequences. Yet the madness, turpitude and destruction committed at the highest levels of power every day are impervious to the will of the people and immune from any real accountability.

In America the globalists have been especially busy employing Soros funded groups like, Black Lives Matter and Color of Change to incite chaos, confusion and tension especially along a racial divide through distortion and lies. Meanwhile, Islamic State terrorists and MS-13 gangsters have infiltrated America’s 8-year unprotected border with intent to create violence and terror. The results promote race wars, religious wars, a war between foreign immigrants and Americans as well as the war between an increasingly hostile federal government and angry citizen patriots feeling betrayed by Washington. Puppet Obama has faithfully carried out his Manchurian orders, by design leaving America wide open and defenseless, just like his European counterparts Merkel and Hollande. A culture of irrational mob rule, fanatical extremism and militant PC rigidity and intolerance have killed free speech, leaving the nation fragmented, zombified and mentally, economically, and politically unstable.

For decades US law enforcement from the federal to local level has been trained and primed for combat readiness to wage war against its own citizens, under the pretext to quell the forever imminent civil uprising and volatility about to boil over. Additionally arming 70 federal “civilian” agencies in the footsteps of militarized police within the EPA, the FDA, the IRS, the Fish and Wildlife Department, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, even the US Postal Service and Social Security Administration after buying up 6 billion rounds of lethal hollow point bullets speaks volumes of how Obama’s leading Americans to the proverbial democide slaughterhouse.

Eight years ago while campaigning for president, then Senator Barack Obama made the statement:

We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

And though just prior to uttering those words, Obama spoke of doubling the size of the Peace Corps and near quadrupling AmeriCorps, the then presidential candidate was drawing upon his experience as a Chicago community organizer. But Obama’s youthful past also indicates he is steeped in ideological indoctrination by the likes of a Communist sympathizing mentor [and oft debatable biological father] Frank Marshall Davis as well as Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. So in 2008 candidate Obama envisioning exponential growth under his presidential watch of the deep security state control apparatus – Homeland Security, state and municipal fusion centers, an expanding army of private security civilian contractors and swelling militarized “civilian” police force – should not come as a surprise to anyone at all. And now that many of us realize that Barack Hussein Obama rode in on a Trojan horse preying on America’s hopes, the damage he’s inflicted on our nation is both grave and severe. But with a few more months still left prior to the end of his second term in office, a growing number of Americans are seeing that the shit is just now hitting the fan and the worst is yet to come.


The 2016 presidential campaign has thoroughly exposed the corrupt and rancid two party political system in America where citizens’ votes don’t matter at all. The game’s been electronically rigged ever since George W’s two stolen elections at the start of this century. Recently hacked DNC emails have stripped crime boss Hillary naked as a J-bird, gradually to the public rendering her unelectable despite AG Loretta Lynch and FBI Comey’s elite-ordered “pardons” from serving any jail time. While recent polls are showing Trump ahead of the blood-soaked Clinton duo, the race to foment and cause open rebellion and violent civil disturbance in the US before the fall election has the “summer of chaos” in full swing now.Government staged police shootings (as both victims and murderers) in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Tennessee, Minnesota timed with the two presidential convention fiascos reveal a highly splintered, polarized, confused and upset nation like never before.

If yet another election is stolen and Hillary cheats, backstabs and plunders her way to the presidency, expect an armed rebellion from the American people. If Trump somehow ends up elected, the elite will engineer a series of false flag crises that will also induce open revolt. If Trump surges in the polls and remains highly favored from here on out, increasing the odds that we may not see an election in November at all. Obama and his minions will be sure to orchestrate a national crisis leading to martial law and his continued reign of terror.

A few months ago I wrote a couple articles exposing how the ruling elite has been systematically turning Americans [and the world] against each other, increasingly deploying its centuries old, tried and true divide and conquer tactics to tighten its status quo noose of getting away with mass murder. The globalists’ age old, winning formula has never been more apparent than it is today. As their Ponzi-schemed, global economy begins imploding on itself, starting with Deutsche Bank – Europe’s largest central bank – about to spread the collapsing domino effect, the Western oligarchs are rapidly moving to ignite World War III against Eastern powers Russia, China and Iran. A plethora of incendiary hotspots are all timed and primed to explode on a moment’s notice. It could be in the South China Sea, anywhere along the heavily armed 3,000 mile Eastern Europe-Russia border, the Arctic, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Yemen or Nagorno-Karabakh just to name a few. In Turkey Despot Erdogan sitting on the largest stockpile of NATO nukes at Incirlik Air Base. And all that’s not even counting what may well become America’s second civil war. This presentation will focus on the latter hotspot heating up right here on American soil.

A year ago with last summer’s Jade Helm Operation, many patriots reacted with grave concern (myself included) to the largest military exercise in US history carried out by Special Forces, the FBI, Homeland Security and law enforcement across the entire southern tier of the United States from Florida to California. That unprecedented 3-month military drill ended up merely the PSYOPS dry-run beta test for what’s still to come just as the Boston Marathon false flag was used to launch the first large scale US city lockdown as a martial law precursor. When the feared FEMA camp roundups didn’t occur during Jade Helm as hyped on the internet, the Chicken Little conspiracy theorists screaming the loudest had been set up by the feds, tagged with “the boy who cried wolf” syndrome, and discredited as a not to be believed, overly paranoid fringe element.

After Y2K, the Mayan 2012 non-event, and last year’s no big deal Jade Helm, relatively few US citizens are worried about any American civil war or WWIII breaking out, or the end of the world as we know it. By premeditated design, the Jade Helm PSYOPS conditioned Americans to go back to sleep, letting complacence and apathy once again set in. While the outed tin foil crowd’s still crying “martial law is coming,” mocked by both MSM and mainstream America, this summer the US populace might be too busy entertained and preoccupied by the CIA created Pokémon Go and political circus theater. And this is exactly where the ruling elite wants us, too dumbed down and oblivious or too divided to notice anything else. That said, at the same time more of us who pay attention are recognizing some very dire warning signs blasting at us with unprecedented fury.

Two ominously foreboding developments have been creepily unfolding in recent months with little or no attention by either mainstream or alternative news media. For the first time in American history, a sitting president has just signed an executive order authorizing US military to use violence to kill US citizens. The name of the executive order“United States Policy on Pre- and Post-Strike Measures to Address Civilian Casualties in US Operations Involving the Use of Force” – was quietly signed by Obama on July 1st, 2016. According to the White House Fact Sheet, the executive order’s intent specifies:

Whether or not one accepts the Obama administration’s drone policy rationale, it has important implications for civilians. Because the US sees itself in an armed conflict against terrorist groups – not conventional armies – throughout the world, there are no clear geographic limits to this conflict, or the civilian populations affected by it. The conflict is wherever al Qaeda or its affiliated groups are and capture is deemed unfeasible. The conditions of war can follow terrorists as they move, even into areas without active hostilities. US drone strikes have resulted in civilian injuries, deaths and trauma. Obama’s executive order perhaps mitigates these risks – but does not eliminate them. At the end of the day, the US government chooses to accept a certain level of risk to civilian lives when conducting drone strikes against suspected terrorists.

Though the overt purpose of the order is meant to articulate in explicit terms rules of engagement regarding civilians in or outside combat zones, emphasizing the over and above extra measures the US military “meticulously takes” to minimize civilian casualties as collateral damage, absolute protection and safety of civilian populations in America’s war on terror obviously cannot be guaranteed nor can civilian loss of life be prevented.

In response to the recent flack over the significant number of reported civilian deaths in Syria, 73 killed by US airstrikes – said to be the most victims ever in the 2-year US led coalition war against ISIS. However, French jets are believed to have just killed over 120 noncombatants during the same days. The incensed Syrian Foreign Minister in a formal complaint sent to the UN accuses the US of intentionally slaughtering Syrians, many of whom were women and children, insisting that 30 repeated airstrikes in a couple days killing so many innocent civilians cannot be mere accident. At the press conference a visibly flustered and annoyed Pentagon spokesman, retired Admiral John Kirby, refused to even answer questions asked by the RT network correspondent. She raised the question of a US coalition formula that allows for a certain number of innocent deaths based on perceived value of an enemy target. Another State Department rep had previously confirmed the existence of such a coldhearted calculation that debases human life to a mathematical kill ratio formula. But that’s how the psychopathic US Empire has always operated in war, totaling up to 30 million innocent lost lives sacrificed since WWII by the US killing machine. And the remote desensitized aspect of a drone operator sitting comfortably in a darkened, air conditioned office half a world away from the killing fields somehow takes on the flavor of a video game, and offers a “cleaner,” more acceptable detachment from one’s conscience. And its creepy stealth resonates so well with our commander-in-chief that it’s his favorite brand of modern warfare.

People really should avert their gaze from the modern survival thinking for just a bit and also look at how folks 150 years ago did it.

These guys were the last generation to practice basic things-for a living-that we call survival skills now.

Survival Things Our Great Grandfathers Did Or Built Around The House. Are you ready to turn back the clocks to the 1800s for up to three years.

Because this is what will happen after the next SHTF event.


Obama’s July 1st signed drone policy revision appears to be nothing more than his readymade-to-order answer to rebuff the growing criticism directed against his failed, highly immoral and illegal drone strike policy. Estimates range from 90% to over 96% of those killed by Obama’s drone attacks are innocent civilians. From 2009 through 2015, the boldface liar in the White House admits his drones have killed just 64-116 civilians whereas other, more honest estimates range anywhere from 200 to 1000 innocent people murdered. Comparing Obama’s fixation for loss of life due to mass shootings that he wants so desperately to confiscate all guns in America to prevent, only 168 gunshot victims in contrast with over 1000 of his drone victims, that’s more than 500% more. His phony, selective compassion and crocodile tears for his staged false flags will never remove the blood on his hands.

And finally, considering the loss of loved ones at weddings and funerals only create hatred toward US Empire terror, for every terrorist killed by drone strikes, at least a dozen jihadists are instantly created and recruited to the ISIS cause as US enemies/Obama’s secret allies in the neocons’ by design “endless war on terror.” The career general who headed the Defense Intelligence Agency Mike Flynn, the same officer who warned Obama about the risk of backing ISIS against Assad in 2012, emphatically also believes that drones create more enemies than they kill. But then Obama and his masters were never really interested in defeating the terrorist enemy when all along they’ve been secret lovers of the “war on terror.”

Several internet websites have interpreted this latest executive order as official, read-between-the-lines euphemism for Obama authorizing the US military to work in tandem with domestic law enforcement as a mere legal loophole that allows murder of American civilians deemed enemies of the state during times of a national crisis and emergency. The executive order’s nebulous terminology that the US war against terrorists – however “terrorists” may be loosely defined by the Obama regime to include many Americans – may physically “be moving in areas without active hostilities,” as on US soil in or near their homes, can easily be construed by skeptics who know their president and government lie to them all the time as encrypted language subversively providing legal justification for murder of US citizens deemed enemies of the state. As is so often the case, the Orwellian legalese falsities carefully couched in deceptive enough lingo are intended to sugarcoat and conceal the true nefarious nature of wanton lethal violence directed towards a targeted US civilian population.

Again when it comes to Obama, timing is always suspect. No sooner did he sign his order then suddenly more unarmed African Americans get brutally murdered by police officers shooting the victims with multiple rounds at point blank range. The back-to-back incidents in Minnesota and Baton Rouge, Louisiana this last month led directly to the next night’s ambush deaths of 5 white police officers in Dallas, picked off in a crowded street by at least two elevated snipers. True to form, the next day the official narrative was changed once again to fit the familiar lone wolf scenario just like Orlando the month before. A couple days later three more police officers in Baton Rouge were allegedly gunned down. The Dallas massacre took place during a Soros funded Black Lives Matter protest by an Afghanistan War veteran who allegedly grew tired of white cops killing innocent blacks. The identified lone gunman was conveniently killed by a deployed robotic weapon, keeping the “dead men don’t tell tales” false flag theme streak alive. It’s come to characterize every staged event in spite of consistent initial eyewitness reports specifying more than one shooter.

Comment: Keep in mind the comments made at the beginning of the article.

Overwhelming evidence exists demonstrating that George Soros’ dirty money has been financing agitators to show up like clockwork right after police kill another unarmed black man for the specific purpose of stirring up racial tensions and violence. It happened in Ferguson and Baltimore as well as this year while funding Hillary’s presidential bid sending BLM thugs to Trump rallies for more race baiting violence blamed on Bernie Sander supporters.

In May it was also discovered that a hacked Twitter account allegedly belonging to Deray McKesson, a prominent Black Lives Matter leader and recent Baltimore mayoral candidate, maintains close ties with US Attorney General Loretta Lynch. His hacked tweets to another BLM activist reveal that Obama’s Justice Department through Lynch and his Black Lives Matter have a coordinated agenda to cause massive violence and civil unrest in America during “the summer of chaos” to give Obama the thinly veiled excuse to declare martial law and cancel the November presidential election.

With Loretta Lynch’s notorious illegal meeting with Bill Clinton just prior to her Justice Department decision to not indict Hillary on felony charges of racketeering, breaching national security, money laundering, fraud and corruption, believing that a sinister plan exists to create a race war in America to induce a national crisis that then justifies martial law to keep the present criminal regime in power isn’t really such a stretch at all. A long history of this deceptive pattern has already been well-documented.

Ever since Reagan’s civil disturbance Rex 84 Program, security forces in America have long been in high gear planning and preparing for a national emergency and martial law. All those rounds of stored up hollow point bullets that rip through human flesh upon impact weren’t purchased by the feds for no reason. Obama in 2011 exercised the power to play God as self-proclaimed judge, jury and executioner when he murdered American citizens in Yemen, first the Muslim father deemed too radical to be alive, and then two weeks later just for good measure his innocent 16-year old Colorado born son who had zero ties to terrorism. The twisted Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid justified the merciless coldblooded killing claiming the boy deserved it because “he chose the wrong parent.” So after Obama the terrorist president pulled the drone trigger, he then went on to justify not only assassination of Americans on foreign soil but foresees the day when he conceivably kills US citizens on American soil as well. Now that he’s set the precedent using both lethal drones and US military personnel to kill Americans while bringing in more unvetted refugees, his diabolical agenda is to incite race wars and religious wars with more staged mass shootings and false flags, declare martial law and confiscate guns. With just four more months left, the stage is now set.

In March 2012, a few months after signing NDAA 2012 erasing virtually all our due process and constitutional rights, Obama went on to awarding himself the most notorious, far reaching authority ever, his Executive Order 13603, the so called National Defense Resources Preparedness Order.The US leader who has signed more executive orders than any other president in history granted himself sweeping dictatorial powers in charge of all food resources, citizens’ properties, all their possessions, all civil transport, all communications media as well as the military with the choice of keeping his unlimited power and control for as long as he desires. Perhaps his most diabolical power grab within EO 13603 is conscripting citizens into forced slave labor without any compensation during both peacetime and national emergency. This is why more Americans are growing worried that the megalomaniac this year may just decide to anoint himself dictator for life.

As another ploy to invoke martial law, Obama also has the dubious distinction of purging more than two hundred flag officers into early retirement, far more than any other president in history, pushing through his democide agenda to wage full scale war against the American population. Obama has undermined and ruined soldier morale and willfully sabotaged and weakened US military power. Though he and every rank and file soldier have taken sworn oaths to uphold the Constitution and protect America from both foreign and domestic enemies, our treasonous commander-in-chief has been getting rid of the highest quality leadership of generals and admirals who remain loyal to their oaths, America and its citizens, retaining only top brass traitors personally loyal to him as dictator, and most significantly, willing to murder their own fellow citizens. Obama’s July 1st executive order brings our president one giant step closer to all-out civil war against the American people.

But that’s not all. Less than two months prior to his latest executive order, AP reported that on May 10th the US signed on with 28 other nations approving the UN “peacekeeping” forces to be able to use force against civilian populations including Americans on US soil in any given crisis or conflict. The Orwellian doublespeak delivered in May by US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Powers at the program’s ceremonial announcement used words like “proud” and “humbled” to describe her feelings to be part of an organized multi-nation commitment bringing much needed humanitarian relief to civilians and regions of the world where conflict and violence are on the rise. As always, the rosy rationale invariably invoked sounds so magnanimous. But in this age of deception, things are rarely if ever what they appear to be at surface level.

Just as US Empire always claims to be spreading democracy in all its global interventions, motivated by altruistic, “humanitarian” intentions as a benevolent superpower, in reality it interferes, bullies, plunders and gravely harms foreign populations. The US spreads destabilization and destruction wherever it goes, with parasitic, fascist transnationals bleeding every nation’s most precious resources dry through grotesque exploitation and non-repayable debt-based loans.

The 105,000 UN troops deployed in peacekeeping missions around the world insist that they are a friendly and benign armed force sworn to protecting civilians, preserving or promoting peace. Yet their actions speak both truer and louder than their words. UN forces right now are embroiled in scandal and controversy, guilty of either themselves raping women in the Central African Republic or watching South Sudanese soldiers committing sexual assault. An informative history of just how abysmal the UN track record is at failing to keep the peace since its 1945 Rockefeller founded inception can be found here.

It’s no accident so many sightings of UN vehicles, equipment, arms and troops have been recently observed in transit. Such massive movement costs a tremendous amount of money and always has a specific purpose. Based on the hectic tempo of destabilizing, disturbing events this summer, the ruling elite has something major already planned, in the works and about to happen in the United States. Though it may not occur prior to November, the strong possibility does exist. When the next mass shooting or false flag event triggers a crisis or bank holiday, civil uprising will immediately follow, and a large deployment of UN troops will be on our streets, taking over the FEMA camps and coming for our guns. Since a likely majority of American soldiers will resist Obama’s tyranny and join the patriots, the UN troops, foreign mercenaries and treasonous elements within the US military and law enforcement will be acting as dictator Obama’s private army engaging in a full scale war against the American people. Little time is left to prepare.

The timing of the UN’s authorized violence against potential US civilians under the false guise of protecting them followed days later by mass UN troop and equipment movement witnessed inside the US accompanied by Obama’s latest illegal executive order giving US troops the right to use force American civilians under the same deceitful pretense is all strategically interconnected. When US soldiers refuse to follow Obama’s orders to shoot innocent Americans, our treasonous prez has made sure he will have plenty of firepower backup from UN military forces and foreign troops eager and willing to do the dirty job pulling the trigger where Americans won’t.

Comment: If it’s true that there is a contingent of forces with the UN logo that are being prepared for something – who’s to say that they are actually “UN” – and not actually part of some mercenary or ‘secret government’ group? During the chaos it will be hard to know.

False flag mass shootings by ISIS linked US killers have already allegedly occurred in Chattanooga, San Bernardino and Orlando with a failed attempt in Garland, Texas. If ISIS inspired Americans are killing US citizens, Obama’s open border policy is allowing dozens if not hundreds of ISIS terrorist cells to quietly enter and also operate inside America. Additionally, MS-13 terrorists are groomed by Mexican drug cartels to regularly engage in assassination missions neutralizing targeted Mexican politicians and police. For over a decade MS-13 has maintained affiliations with al Qaeda and ISIS. Obama’s open door policy working directly with the UN has Border Patrol agents claiming that the UN and DHS have taken over at the US border, giving Border Patrol stand down orders from interdicting criminals, arms and drugs from crossing our border, instead systematically classifying dangerous MS-13 assassins as “unaccompanied juvenile refugees” to ensure their safe passage into the country by transporting and releasing them in designated US cities. Recall the Orlando shooter working for the world’s largest security firm GS4 that has a current federal contract fulfilling a DHS “catch and release” policy transporting illegal aliens that include MS-13 and likely ISIS from the border northward to US city drop off points, free and unencumbered to settle into yet more embedded sleeper cells. While the deportation budget has soared 25% higher in the last four years, actual deportations have plummeted. Where’s the money going? Our taxpayer dollars are being grossly misspent, allocated towards actually aiding and abetting our enemy.

Over the last year Judicial Watch has repeatedly confirmed that only a few miles from the Texas border near El Paso, ISIS terrorists have been undergoing joint operations with a Mexican drug cartel at their local training camp. Both ISIS and drug cartel members have aligned and deeply infiltrated the United States. Infowars Joe Biggs also reported evidence of ISIS operating along the US border. But the FBI, the State and Justice Departments and Obama have all flatly denied it in their vain attempt to cover-up the truth. Obama continues protecting his terrorist ally while pushing homegrown “right wing extremists” as our greatest threat to national security. And when he refers to radicalized extremists, he actually means any and all dissidents, veterans, gun owners, patriots, constitutionalists, evangelical Christians, tea party members, tax reformers, property rights activists, you and me. His wide definition of an enemy of the state is so all inclusive that it can loosely be applied to cover pretty much nearly all law abiding American citizens. While criminalizing us, he maintains a protective, hands off policy toward law-breaking criminals, terrorists and thugs vowing to kill Americans. But then as the traitor president, Obama’s merely following his puppet masters’ orders to destroy America from within. Recall President Lincoln’s prudent yet ominous warning:

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

As night and day difference, the president who freed the slaves stands opposite the first slave descendant president, a certifiable psychopath who has enslaved and nearly destroyed America. Obama has pathologically lied to us citizens over a thousand times on record while committing the most heinous crimes against humanity. Between him and the Clinton crime bosses, they have more scandals and cover-ups than any other politicians in US history, with the Bush-Cheney crime families not far behind. With yet more blood on his hands, four years ago Obama finagled hisFast and Furious gun running operation (the other deadly one besides Benghazi) where America gave away weapons to the Sinaloa drug cartel that were subsequently used to kill a US Border Patrol agent and at least 68 other innocent people. In exchange for intelligence information on rival cartels, the Obama administration offered carte blanche drug smuggling into the US. Former Attorney General Eric Holder eventually resigned over his sleazy criminal involvement in the cover-up.

Obama’s refusal to protect our border is egregious. What we now know from the mounting evidence is that Obama has made America a sitting duck target for both ISIS and MS13 terrorism while criminalizing his own law abiding citizens with whom he’s currently waging war. Sleeper cells of these groups abound throughout the United States. But that may be the tip of the iceberg. For several years multiple anonymous military and government insiders have been claiming that officials high up in the Obama administration and Pentagon have kept the US military and law enforcement hands tied from rooting them out. Covert cells comprised of both foreign jihadists and radicalized homegrown newbies as well as MS-13 death squads may be poised and ready to strike against American citizens when given the nod. But that nod may more likely come from Washington than either the Middle East or Latin America.

On the same day as the Orlando false flag that allegedly killed 49 people as America’s deadliest mass shooting, another attack was planned for the Los Angeles Gay Parade but the would-be patsy had second thoughts and turned himself in. The LA suspect confessed that he feared for his life that his CIA handlers would murder him for not carrying out his assigned mission, maintaining that aside from the Orlando shooter and himself, there were three others who had been trained together by the CIA to perpetrate multiple massacres on June 12th. Just as Obama has supported and deployed ISIS and al Qaeda terrorists as proxy war mercenaries fighting in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen, he is more than complicit in also permitting them to once again freely operate as his proxy war mercenaries committing yet more terrorist attacks in the coming civil war against his own citizens right here in America. Multiple acts of deep state sponsored terrorism simultaneously launched in a number of US cities would readily constitute the national emergency Obama would then opportunistically use to declare martial law.

At that point Obama would unleash treasonously misguided US military units, UN troops as well as other foreign soldiers, mercenaries and terrorists to engage in open combat against US citizens. Forced gun confiscation, extraction of citizens from their homes for indefinite detainment at forced labor internment camps where reeducation and reprogramming are conducted along with military tribunals, lethal executions and mortuaries for “unsalvageable” US citizens. The 325-page Army manual entitled Internment and Resettlement Operations FM 3-39.40 dated February 2010 covers all the sordid details of internment camps waiting to be filled by law abiding citizens who are of little to no value alive or dead to the ruling elite. Simon Properties, the largest owner of malls in America, along with Wal-Mart both have deep state DHS contracts as processing and holding centers for rounded up detained Americans.

The globalists are now entering their home stretch phase executing their century old “final solution” with their manufactured black hole convergence of “the perfect storm.” Highly disturbing, destabilizing events on multiple fronts around the world are occurring now, from the global economic meltdown to global war, all meticulously designed to bring about such devastating upheaval, widespread violence and human carnage that New World Order’s one world government tyranny is the elite’s only assured outcome.

Comment: Perhaps ‘desired’ outcome may be said here. But the elites, so prone to wishful thinking as they are, are bulldozing their way through a world that is also, right now, in the throes of some major Earth Changes. As we continue to monitor these types of events on we have come to realize that the puppet masters are in direct “competition” with the growing awareness and conscience of normal and relatively healthy people – and mother nature herself. Mother nature and her cosmic forces have an ‘intelligence’ all their own. And historically, they tend to trounce elites.
War criminal-globalist Henry Kissinger once stated:

Control oil, you control nations; control food, and you control the people.

A look at the dire living conditions occurring right now in Venezuela is a likely prospect of America’s not too distant future. When the elite makes food scarce, a fearful, traumatized population by the thousands and perhaps millions will seek food, shelter and protection any way they can, easily led to their slaughterhouse. Under martial law, UN operated FEMA camps imposed by one world governance will imprison, enslave and mass murder populations of humans on a genocidal scale, following the evil orders of the earth’s demonically possessed, mentally ill psychopathic rulers. Only when the decent, good people of this world realize this dark diabolical plan is actually unfolding right now, and en masse begin rising up in unified solidarity to challenge and oppose this fast descending hell on earth, only then can humanity even stand half a chance of surviving what lies ahead. Now or never, it’s up to us, and it’s getting late.


Joachim Hagopian

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    Marie 2 years

    The president has no constitutional authority to cancel an election. The states would each have to make that decision individually. What are the odds that 50 states (plus DC and territories) will all agree to do that?

    • comment-avatar
      Wesley 2 years

      Marie why do you think obummer needs constitutional authority to do anything? No barrier for this guy.

      • comment-avatar
        selena 2 years

        there are more than enough well informed Americans to raise hell if required regarding suspension of rights etc.
        i’ll say no more.

  • comment-avatar
    Vlad the Skewerer 2 years

    What if they gave a civil war and nobody came?

    • comment-avatar
      selena 2 years

      what if they declared martial law and nationwide no one complied ?

  • comment-avatar
    Michelle Alena Lovejoy 2 years

    Awesome article, extremely well written…….wish the truth was simply a horrible nightmare!
    If you are worried about dying……do you know where you will spend eternity? Do you think living on this earth is a living hell? I wrote a FREE ONLINE book gone VIRAL about demons, drugs, sex , rock and roll and HELL! I was resuscitated while entering into hell after a suicide attempt. It is not too late to get things right before ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Blessings on all who read this!

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    grayfox114 2 years

    No constitutional authority has never slowed obama down, and our congress people repeatedly show they are in tacit agreement if not actively involved with his destruction of America, And a civil was with no one coming? When the was starts, THEY will be coming for you, unless you are one of the unfortunates that bought into the “no cause for alarm, it’s all a conspiracy theory” hype, and you’re on your way to a FEMA/re education camp! Our country is going t Hell in a hand basket, the driver is obama and the stop is going to be brutal! Anyone who doesn’t go along will be eliminated, first rather than later! And with the surrender of the internet to foreign entities, it should be obvious that the grand design, the second “final solution” is underway! And for all those worried about who will be the next president, I am among those who doubt there will be an election! Evil is on the loose! The old movie saying “Cry havoc ye, and set free the dogs of war……………………..”

  • comment-avatar
    Nam Marine 2 years

    “Black LIES Matter” is funded by George Soros and is a subversive,
    communist group!

  • comment-avatar
    Johnny McTonney 2 years

    Only sheep need a government. And if the government want to starve them they only have themselves to blame.

  • comment-avatar

    The BLM is a bowel movement by communist animals.

  • comment-avatar
    geri west 2 years

    Obama picked the 10 Governors for the 10 FEMA REGIONS! Obama’s Council of Ten Governators Takes Shape
    By Chuck Baldwin

    Budget documents released February 1, 2010 by the Office of Management and Budget revealed the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) State and Local Programs budget for FY 2010: $4,000,590,000. According to Obama’s Executive Order dated January 11, 2010, his Council of Governors (CG) will be responsible for homeland defense; civil support; state and federal military activities in coordination with the Secretary of Homeland Security and counterterrorism… “the Secretary of Defense will designate an Executive Director for the Council…”

    A recent Associated Press (AP) report announced “President Barack Obama has selected Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to serve on an advisory council for defense and national security issues. Nixon was one of 10 governors named Thursday [February 4, 2010] by Obama to the newly created Council of Governors.”

    The creation of a CG should be of serious concern to all liberty loving Americans. The mistaken belief that the American people have nothing to fear from an overreaching federal government is pure folly! We have far more to fear from Washington, DC than from Iran, Iraq, North Korea, or any other potential terrorist state. It is Washington, DC alone that has the power, opportunity, and propensity to squash our freedom and sell us into tyranny.

    As Kurt Nimmo reports, “…with the stroke of a pen, Obama significantly increased the ongoing effort to federalize the states and take control of the National Guard in violation of the now more or less moribund Posse Comitatus Act. Posse Comitatus was effectively annulled by the 2006 John Warner National Defense Authorization Act. The act provides the president with power to declare martial law under revisions to the Insurrection Act and take charge of United States National Guard troops without state governor authorization. Parts of the act were repealed in 2008.” (1)

    Most Americans fail to realize (thanks to the national propaganda press corps of America’s ruling class) is that the subdivision of the United States into a 10-region country (thereby negating the sovereignty and authority of the 50 independent and autonomous states) goes back to the Richard Nixon administration.

    In response to pressure from the United Nations, President Nixon issued Executive Order #11647 on February 10, 1972, which carved up the United States into 10 “standard Federal regions.” (2) director David Bay commented at the time, “This regional system is also apparently a military structure.”

    The Council of Governors, as it coincides with the respective 10 regions, has two basic criteria: a) the location of necessary government infrastructure, facilities, personnel, etc., combined with b) the compliant attitude and overall disposition of the governor selected. Here is how it looks:

    Region 1: Governor Douglas (R-VT) *Co-chair
    Region 2: Governor Fortuno (R-Puerto Rico)
    Region 3: Governor O’Malley (D-MD) and Governor McDonnell (R-VA). These are necessary, as these are the two border states of Washington, D.C.
    Region 4: Governor Perdue (D-NC)
    Region 5: President Barack Obama of Illinois
    Region 6: Governor Henry (D-OK)
    Region 7: Governor Nixon (D-MO)
    Region 8: Governor Rounds (R-SD)
    Region 9: Governor Brewer (R-AZ)
    Region 10: Governor Gregoire (D-WA) *Co-chair Obama is a 32nd Degree Prince Hall Freemason, Freemasonry is Judaism, Communism is Judaism, Rothschild’s Choice, Obama Has Seder’s at the Whitehouse, Janet Yellen Appointed by Obama, Obama is a communist, Communism is Judaism, Obama was the First Jewish President, Valerie Jarette a Black Woman Born in Iran, to Black Parents a Jew, Obama Related to ALL US Presidents, except my Relative Martin Van Buren, Obama appointed Rabbi Saperstein for Religious Freedom, Jews in the Obama Adm. Obama has done more for israel Obama first Jewish President,7340,L-4039768,00.html The Truth, “No president in history has done more for Israel’s security than Obama”

    • comment-avatar
      Colt 2 years

      Obama is not now, nor has he ever been a Mason. You are sorely confused about Jews vs Zionists. NO, Obamao has not helped Israel to ANY great extent. Where do you get this garbage from? Other than a bunch of goofy sites.

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