Kim Jong-un’s soldiers given ‘nuke backpacks’ as WW3 gears up

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The dreaded nuke-packs – which carry a chilling black and yellow radioactive symbol – have been spotted in public before but this is the first time a specialist unit has been rustled up to work exclusively with the weapons of mass destruction.

It’s sparked further fears that Kim Jong-Un is gearing up for battle.

He has launched several missile tests to test his rocket range – sending a stark warning to enemies South Korea and the US.

North Korea source:

“Outstanding soldiers were selected from each reconnaissance platoon and light infantry brigade to form the nuclear backpack unit”


Kim’s specialist “backpack” units were created in March and soldiers have been taking part in practice training sessions with dummy bombs.

“Outstanding soldiers were selected from each reconnaissance platoon and light infantry brigade to form the nuclear backpack unit the size of a battalion,” an anonymous source from North Hamgyong province told Radio Free Asia this week.

If detonated, the weapons could spray radioactive material – including deadly uranium – on an enemy, they claimed.


North Korean officials have not confirmed the reports.

But the backpacks were seen in public earlier this year at the 70th anniversary of the National Workers’ party earlier this year.

Similar bags were seen at a procession in 2013 too.


It comes after Kim Jong-un butchered two top officers in public using an anti-aircraft gun last week, according to local reports.

There are rumours of a mutiny among the high ranks of the communist state as officers grow concerned over Kim’s passion for splashing out on nukes.

The tensions forced Pyongyang’s deputy ambassador in London to defect to the South with his family, dealing an embarrassing blow to Kim’s regime.

North Korean state media on Tuesday issued a new warning that the nation “will not show any mercy to aggressors”.



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