Orlando Massacre: ISIS Has Declared War On USA And Already Win?

Orlando Massacre: ISIS Has Declared War On USA And Already Win?

So why are we not fighting back?

Because it took less than a few hours after this horrific attack in Orlando–when the sickening pools of blood on the dance floor were still wet and slippery–for political activists like Geraldine Thompson in Florida to be shamelessly giving news soundbites that again were blaming only the guns, the lack of universal background checks, and the availability of ammo and high cap magazines as the real cause of the Orlando Massacre!

And she went on to say that gun control–instead of a concentrated anti-Islamist state counter attack–will be what she will be talking about with the governor of Florida! Shame on you, Senator Thompson!

The agenda based media was also more interested in figuring out why it “took so long” for the police to breach the area where Omar Mateen was holding the hostages. This instead of asking questions like are we going to have to wait until these radical Muslims detonate a suitcase nuke (about 30 of them are not accounted for anymore and classified as missing from certain world arsenals), and next time kill 50…THOUSAND Americans before making pertinent inquiries of the government like when are we going to have a serious WAR against the ISIS Caliphate in the Middle East?!

The police departments responding in Orlando handled the situation flawlessly in my not so humble professional experience and training. And until some of the Mainstream Media reporters start rushing into harm’s way themselves to save us, they should quit trying to humiliate heroic police work by asking such stupid questions!

My own tactical curiosity is piqued, however, with things like why weren’t there more civilians inside that club carrying concealed? Why was there only a single armed security guard? That club surely could afford a couple more?

Reporters with the mainstream media should be more concerned with better arming the citizen’s early response teams and coordinating additional cooperation with departments in watch patrols in critical target areas. They’d get more than enough volunteers with ex-military or LEO experience to make a serious difference.

Also why wasn’t this Omar Mateen “scrutinized” a little more after the FBI first investigated him for his terrorist affiliations in 2013? Then again in 2014? I mean, Omar Mateen wasn’t just exercising his 1st/A rights talking bad about government injustice like the Malheur Oregon protestors did, but who eventually died or were arrested because of it? Mateen actually was associating with a known ISIS terrorist bomber!

I mean, there are no problems with the FBI keeping continuous tabs on Patriot Militias or with Police State officers immediately disarming people without due process with so-called domestic violence potential assumptions. Or seizing (prohibiting you from possessing) your cash that they merely think has been associated with the crime of drug dealing.

And how about your doctors being able to legally summarily disarm you also without due process if they simply believe you might become violently dangerous? So in as much as all these Extreme Crime Prevention and Public Safety measures swim in the deep sea waters of agenda base misguided anti-Constitutional overreach, shouldn’t serious potential participants in an active shooting War against civilian Americans at least be considered fish in the same ocean?

So why did the FBI apparently screw up with this Mateen Muslim in the same way they did with the Tzarnov brothers in the Boston Bombings? How did this guy slip through the cracks this time with all themoney allocated and the availability of super stealth technology for unfettered, unaccountable secret spying on the general populate?




I’ll Tell You Why

Because this regime doesn’t consider association with known enemy of the state criminals for similar criminal interests as bad of a crime as American law-abiding citizens owning guns, and the totalitarian State’s agenda based need to confiscate them.

Make no mistake. The FBI is highly competent at what they do. Their only limitations on case successes are the restrictions and misdirected and highly questionable legal priorities put upon them by the Administration that “owns” them.

Ironically, but insidiously, I guarantee this administration will use this Orlando tragedy to find a way to further restrict regular non terrorist Americans from obtaining guns, but NOT known Muslims who have clear indicators of potential very dangerous radicalization.

The Big Stupid Question

A lot of what we are hearing on the news in response to this attack in terms of proactive solutions to the Orlando attack is How can we prevent this in the future?

Amidst the after-shock and confusion and mainstream media crap hyperbole, a few bright voices in a dark political agenda wilderness this morning put for the unabashed truth.

Newt Gingrich had the correct answer. His answer boils down to “Head ‘em off at the pass” (in their own Arab lands) once and for all with some good old fashioned “search and destroy” missions against them. Until they’re ALL GONE. Period!

Noted Fox News foreign terrorism expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka stated that we shouldn’t be shocked. This has been predicted by terrorism experts for years. And it’s going to get worse. Gorka stated that the “lone wolf concept is an intentional administrative obfuscation to keep the people stupid about the fact that ALL these mass killings are really well ‘orchestrated’ by the ISIS state caliphate. There are no lone wolves. They all connect back and are instigated by ISIS.


This specious redirect is constructed into a format that the Totalitarians can manipulate within the domestic terrorism scam/fraud to use to eventually disarm the People. This regime is not really that concerned with Islamist terrorism as they are with what they consider to be domestic Patriot opposition to their Totalitarian control agenda. Which they will put into the “domestic terrorism” category to eventually neutralize them.

Dr. Zhudi Jasser, an American citizen Muslim of an entirely different Islamic ideology which clearly voices strong opposition to ISIS said this morning that the U.S. “…needs to declare war against and fight radical theocratic Jihadists.”

Why Is This Really Happening?

For all you false flag aficionados you might want to think outside your box on this one.

Why does an agenda based Totalitarian Administration have to plot their own false flag event, when all they have to do is NOT recognize that we have an in progress, not “Un”-declared guerilla war happening on U.S. soil, designed to terrorize and bring down our nation–and loudly announced in advance by clearly identifiable enemies, as a clear, target focused threat?

For Christ Sake, the ISIS Islamist State just also announced officially and proudly today that they are responsible for the Orlando Act of War!

And Obama knew this before his press conference this afternoon that was the expected obligatory leftist agenda based obfuscation of what really happened. Pitifully, but as usual, he still did not identify a radical Islamist Jihadist for what he is.

Obama referred to this Islamic State act of war as simply another “act of terrorism that is yet to be identified”. And he said it even though he had to have been briefed first and foremost that this Islamist soldier Omar Mateen was, indeed, a radically influenced Muslim Jihadist who was shouting Allah au Akbar as he slaughtered innocent civilians, which the Agent in charge in Orlando verified along with other obvious and solid motive indicators.

But, of course, the only specific that the Prez seemed sure of was that it was a “crime of hate”? Obviously a reference to the extreme anti-gay religionist obsession of targeting an LGBT bar.

And also, as usual, he shamelessly had the nerve to take advantage of this tragedy to obscenely put in a plug for his gun confiscation agenda by once again nauseatingly blaming easy availability of firearms as the “real cause” of this act of war on our soil.

He must really think we are all stupid sheeple. Didn’t this Muslim Jihadist pass the background check to get his murder weapon? Which too many times again proves that gun control NEVER works…

I wonder how many hundreds more of innocent American lives will be lost by denying the truth and not declaring war against a foreign invasion, and petitioning Congress for launching an all- out counter attack against the enemy Islamist State Caliphate throughout their lands in the Middle East?

I ask you here honestly, and with sincerity, Mr. President; as an American Combat veteran who served honorably, and will die a Patriot if he must, what do you think this does to my own, and other Vet’s, morale to know that you are trading a few million Muslim votes in November for the potential of allowing the deaths of countless Americans by not declaring war, seriously tightening the immigration system and borders, and bombing the enemy countries until they are no longer and will never again maintain the ability to attack us again?

And you are even allowing hundreds of so-called refugees illegal entry without even the most basic effective vetting when there is verifiable expert assessment that it is guaranteed that there are ISIS infiltrators among them?

You are pulling the same political duplicity for your own party gains as you did with your crony Hillary in Benghazi when closing in on your last election campaign? Sacrificing American lives to win an election. Up until today, I didn’t urge anyone to watch 13 hours. I felt it was too inciting for the average American against our government…perhaps in the wrong way?

But now I’m going to watch it EVERY DAY! And I’m going to keep watching and watching and spreading the word that every American should watch it as much as I can.



Because One Thing is for Sure, America Will Prevail!

Remember that America is NOT Paris, whose immediate government reaction to their attack–amazingly–was to implement even more absolutely way out useless gun control measures against their already heavily disarmed people. So I’ve got more breaking news for the Potus and his minions, which includes a new Declaration of Independence from totalitarian destruction of our beloved country.

We, the REALLY pissed off People of the United States of America, won’t take this kind of rubbish much longer.

Either from the enemy Jihadists, or from our own political leaders who for all practical purposes are apparently aiding and abetting the enemy by default. If our military is not all out actively and intensely destroying the enemy very soon, in a war which has been openly declared on us, then we are already losing that war!

But wait just one freaking minute! The U.S. of A. NEVER loses wars?

Then what the hell in this nutjob world is going on here?

The Final Question

There are questions remaining in the continuing investigation of this Islamist State Declaration of War against the American People in the “Pearl Harbor” of Florida. Most of the answers will be self-evident and the conclusions not that surprising.

Because we’ve been “at War” for 15 god damned years with these psycho Islamist Jihadists in the forms of early Al-Qaeda and current enemy ISIS Caliphate consumed by a death oath against all American and Western culture and its “infidel” citizens.

But tomorrow, when my legislators say: ‘Not YOU again…?’ I will tell them that this time I only have one thing to ask you to find out for us…

Why is Potus committing dereliction of duty, and possibly a treasonous Constitutional infraction, by not doing his sworn job’s primary responsibility by promptly retaliating against this despicable ISIS Act of War against us…

…by immediately acknowledging this “Pearl Harbor” attack on U.S. soil for what it is, which is much more than “domestic terrorism,” and announcing a formal Declaration of War against the entire ISIS/Islamist Caliphate? And then launching a strike force carrier group toward the Gulf?

If the answer to that alone doesn’t create a tsunami of national outrage by “We, The People” to make sure that Hillary doesn’t carry this shameful reluctance to defend our Great Country to a third term…then maybe we should all just surrender, “submit”, and queue up, stripped naked for the “last shower line” at the “Gulags”. Like they did in Germany.


By Mahatma Muhjesbude for survivopedia

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