ISIS Claimed Responsibility for the Orlando Shooting

For those who would forsake all conspiracy theories as nonsense, and can be accurately branded as committed coincidence theorists, it is clear that it is time confiscate all privately owned American guns because more mass shootings are going to occur. Americans just can help themselves, if they have guns they are going to kill people. Yet, in a country like Switzerland, where gun ownership is universal, they don’t have mass shootings! And in the annals of American history, mass shootings, in the form we saw in Orlando, are almost exclusively a modern phenomenon. It is hard not lean from coincidence to conspiracy in this context.

The Orlando Tragedy

The most recent incident of a mass shooting took place Saturday night/Sunday morning at a gay nightclub in Orlando. The perpetrator is identified as Omar Mir Siddique Mateen and according to,  Mateen was a registered Democrat and he was no stranger to the voting process he voted in three recent general elections. Mateen first registered to vote in 2006. So it is safe to say that his a long-time Democrat. Why isn’t CNN reporting this fact? Further, Mateen is a known Obama supporter. What about that Mr. President and Madame Clinton?  This time the fox is just not watching the hen house, he attacked it.

The Beginning of the Announced ISIS Jihad

Can you imagine the hue and cry if he had been a conservative? Or, even worse, a Christian conservative? If that were the case, FOX and CNN would be going through this Bible for evidence of an extremist past brought on by his Christian conservatism.

Fox and CNN are going out of their way to stress that this event has nothing to do with religion. It may or may not. But if it has to do with ISIS it has something to do with at least radical elements of the religion.

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The Daily Beast is reporting:

…law enforcement source told The Daily Beast there is no immediate indication that Mateen had any direct connection to ISIS. But ISIS recently called on Muslims across the world to attack targets in the West during the holy month of Ramadan, which began last week.

The message came in an audio recording from spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, released in May. Muslims around the world fast during Ramadan in honor of the first revelation from God to Muhammad. The terrorist group believes it to be a particularly opportune time for attacks.

“Ramadan, the month of conquest and jihad. Get prepared, be ready…to make it a month of calamity everywhere for the non-believers…especially for the fighters and supporters of the caliphate in Europe and America,” Adnani said.

The Amaq Agency, an ISIS media affiliate, later praised the attack and took credit for it. Yet, there is no currently established link between Mateen and the terrorist outfit.

Twitter is abuzz with cries for gun control. But just like San Bernadino when a known associate of ISIS murdered 14 innocent Americans, the subject of another Muslim murderer is going ignored. My advice to the Muslim leadership in America is clear, you need to get on the right side of these killings. CAIR needs to vilify the actions of Mateen and refer the public back to the religious teachings which abhor such violence. Or can they? To the Muslim leadership in this country, I would say to ignore these events is to give tacit approval to these dastardly occurrences. Or, is it time to admit we have a Muslim problem in America and the more radical elements of the religion are dominating the religion. And to all Muslims at the grass roots level, if your leaders will not set a civilized tone in this instance, you need to do it for them. Let me put it another way, if the events of San Bernardino and Orlando were  to be committed by a Christian conservative, I would feel compelled to speak up and condemn the actions.

Whether it is fair or not, people are going to label, fairly or unfairly, the Muslim religion as being extremist unless there is an official stand from key members of the religion. The mood of the country is such that a false flag event in the name of gun control is not going to have any impact. If in the dark recesses of the DOJ/Loretta Lynch(mob), Obama, Clinton, Soros, etc., they thought this even will result in changing the majority of Americans minds, they are sadly mistaken. Rather, people are going to say they have had enough of the religion of peace.

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I have no desire to see America begin to label and/or persecute Muslims, but I have to say in this matter, silence is not an option. The issue, here, is whether the leadership of CAIR is going to do the right thing and condemn these kinds of actions.

In a macro-scale, the administration is getting exactly what it wants to promote the agenda of gun confiscation. Further, we know a favorite tactic of community activists/agitators (e.g. Obama) is to divide and conquer. Americans, as a whole need to be careful to not be led into this trap. Random acts of violence is not the answer, it will only make things worse. General labeling is not a solution either. However, if the leadership of CAIR does not begin to take a stand against the violence of groups like ISIS in a prominent and consistent manner, their motives are justifiably questioned.


Paul Watson weighs in on the subject:


In several locations over the Internet, a warning against Florida was issued by ISIS, there can be little question that this event is not related to an ISIS attack. Even Fox is reporting the Mateen was previously an FBI person of interest with regard to terroristic intentions. The Orlando event was an attack upon the United States by ISIS. Where is Obama? Where is Lynch? What about Clinton’s outrage?  There are only calls for gun control. What about the victims.

What we are likely to find at the end of the day is that ISIS is behind the Orlando attacks. However, we are going to also learn that this is a false flag attack with all the intended gun confiscation effects.

Thank goodness most Americans are now becoming aware enough to see this administration for what they are.



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