This year’s hurricane season is shaping up to be unusually active. The fourth hurricane of 2017, Irma, is now a Category 5 storm, and is heading towards the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

Although it’s not yet known whether Irma will make landfall in the continental US, officials in the Florida Keys are already issuing evacuation recommendations and closing schools. The storm comes on the heels of Hurricane Harvey, which devastated parts of Texas, including Houston.

Several forecasting groups — including the Weather Company, which is behind the Weather Channel and Weather Underground — predicted a busier-than-normal hurricane season for 2017. Irma is already the fourth hurricane of 2017.

The peak of the season is around September 10, which means more hurricanes are likely. On Tuesday, a tropical storm named Jose formed in the Atlantic east of Irma, though it’s too early to say where it will go.

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