How Can We Store The Diatomic Earth For Homesteading, 10 Ways That Will Help You A Lot

How Can We Store The Diatomic Earth For Homesteading, 10 Ways That Will Help You A Lot

Sometimes the simplest solutions when you’re homesteading are the best. And that’s where diatomaceous earth comes in.

DE is the one thing you absolutely must have.

Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized remains of diatoms, which are found in oceans and other water bodies. The diatoms live for only about three days and their hard shell, made of silica, remains. The diatoms are ground up into a fine powder.

Don’t ever consume the pool variety or the insecticide version, as these are higher in crystalline content, which can harm the kidneys and shut them down. Food grade, 100 percent fossil shell flour is the right type to get.

Take a look at all of these uses – and then buy a bag of it. You won’t regret it

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1. Heal old injuries.

It’s easy to end up with a sprained ankle on the homestead from stepping in a hole. These injuries can persist for years, but you have the secret weapon – DE. Add DE to juice, water, smoothies, yogurt or soup a few times a day in a dosage of 1 heaping tablespoon and you will see a big difference in these old injuries within a week or two. It’s better than a massage!

2. Heal broken bones.

Silica is a mineral that replaces calcium if you don’t have enough. If you, a family member, or even an animal on your farm breaks a bone, speed up the healing with DE. The same dose as above is for adults – 1 heaping tablespoon twice daily. And while it’s working, it strengthens connective tissue in the bones. You end up with stronger bones. For children, use 1 teaspoon twice daily.

3. Chase away flying insects.

Outdoor work is miserable when the mosquitoes and flies show up. You have the weapon against them with DE. Sprinkle it on the grass or sand on your property so it looks like snow, and do it before you go to bed. The dew will take it into the ground, and all the mosquito and fly population will dwindle to almost nothing in days.

4. Add it to your foods for preservation.

How unappealing it is to open your food and find that insects found it first! Avoid this by adding DE to your food storage bins and buckets.

Studies show this works well by placing some on the bottom of the bucket, and then halfway through the bucket and then on top of the food in the bucket. You won’t have to mix it in as long as you sprinkled it. The DE won’t harm the cooking process at all.

5. Fix stitches and scars.

After cleaning the wound, sprinkle DE on it, and then cover it up. The DE will not only kill infections that can cause bad scarring but also stimulate healing without stitches. Silica is what the body needs for strong connective tissue.

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6. Heal gum issues.

These days receding gums are a huge problem, even in people in their 20s. DE resolves these problems. That’s because the silica in DE is one of the most important nutrients for the gums – and it’s not in the soils That means you don’t get it in your foods.

10 Surprising Off-Grid Reasons You Should Stockpile Diatomaceous Earth

Here’s what to do: Wet your toothbrush. Then scoop up about three-fourths an inch of the DE powder on top of your toothbrush. Lift your upper lip and place the DE right against the gums and teeth in this area. Repeat with the rest of the sections in your mouth. Give it a minute to start absorbing in the teeth and gums. It will feel very dry at first. Then go to sleep. While you snooze, the silica is feeding your gums. You’ll have noticeable improvement overnight. By the way, this works for an exposed nerve root, too.

7. Prevent food infections.

DE attracts microbes via their electrostatic charges, and traps them in its cylindrical structure. It’s a mechanical type of antibiotic without the side effects. When you suspect a food-related illness, take DE.

8. Eliminate parasites in the body.

We live in a world of microbes and parasites. But sometimes the wrong ones get into our GI tract and set up shop. These nasty little critters can cause all types of problems – and they snatch your vitamins and minerals for themselves. Selfish little critters! Flush them out with DE; it acts as a mechanical parasitical agent. The normal adult dose is enough to start the process; then make sure you aren’t constipated so they can come out.

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9. Get rid of pets’ parasites.

Pets get parasites just like people. In fact, a pet with parasites that sleeps on your bed may be unknowingly passing them to you. Stop this with DE. It prevents cat tapeworms and doggy parasites – and even works against problems in cows, horses, sheep and goats. If you leave out a separate dish with the DE, they will help themselves.

10. Keep your chickens happy.

Chickens are prone to get lice and other parasitic diseases, but not with DE around. Sprinkle it on the ground of their coops and keep an extra dish of it near their coop where they can help themselves to it. Most likely, they will dust themselves with it during the day.

There are a lot more things you could use DE for – but this is a good start. DE is one thing you don’t want to be caught without.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or cure any particular health condition. Please consult with a qualified health professional first.

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