Your Life Is In The Government’s Hands, A Government That Wants You Dead!

Your Life Is In The Government’s Hands, A Government That Wants You Dead!

I recently received an email from a reader, in which he refers to the fact that in an emergency he would, quite literally become the property of the US Government!  This got me thinking and doing a little research and what I found was frightening, to say the least.

Now let me say up front that much of this information is not new to me, but I had never really considered the ramifications of it.  Let me also clarify that we are talking about Presidential Order “NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS” which allows the US Government to take control over and seize all property, as well as water sources, food sources, health care services,  all energy and other sources at its own discretion,  for any reason that the President deems necessary.

President Obama signed this executive order that could potentially give him the power to institute martial law in the United States in times of peace or during a national threat.

Along with seizing control of all things the general public need to survive,  it also takes control of all people and services needed to operate these services, without any form of compensation.  Now I don’t know about you, but in my book that’s called slavery.   Just imagine if you will, that everything has gone to hell and the Government has seized access to all food and water.  Next, there is a knock on your door, and armed men tell you that you need to go to a certain address to work and that any attempt at refusal will result in your being sent to an internment camp.

If you are a medical professional, law enforcement, or a factory worker, you may have no choice but to proceed as instructed or rebel and go to an internment camp.  This will be your choice, because for all particle purposes, the Government now owns you.  Regardless of how young or old you are, your very life will be in their hands, to do with as they wish.  YOU ARE A SLAVE!

People really should avert their gaze from the modern survival thinking for just a bit and also look at how folks 150 years ago did it.

These guys were the last generation to practice basic things-for a living-that we call survival skills now.

Survival Things Our Great Grandfathers Did Or Built Around The House. Are you ready to turn back the clocks to the 1800s for up to three years.

Because this is what will happen after the next SHTF event.


So what does this have to do with Prepping?  It has everything to do with it.  This is just one of the many scenarios that you need to prepare for.  What is the right action to take?  That is something we will each have to decide for ourselves.  As for me,  I would much rather die on my feet than to live on my knees.

People who are too young to work or too old to work, will be sent to interment camps because they have no way to contribute and will just consume food and medical supplies, needed by those who do work.  You do know what the Nazis did to their people who couldn’t or wouldn’t work don’t you?

The question then becomes how do you protect them and yourself?  You start now, by finding a safe place to hide them and start storing any medication they might need.  It would also be advisable to learn all you can about herbal medicine and start figuring out how to make a natural substitute for what will be needed for them to survive.  Stock up on herbs and oils, that you can use to produce the alternate medication they may need.  Do it now and don’t wait.  Your never know when it will happen.  It could happen in the blink of an eye and if you’re not ready, they could die.

How and where are you going to hide them?  Your infant children or your aging parents, how do you live with them being found?  Now is the time to start thinking of this because it needs to be a part of your survival plan.  Here are a few suggestions, build a bunker below ground and away from your home. Be sure not to wear a trail by going back and forth to it.  Why underground you may ask?  It’s because can mute and even sometimes completely hide heat signatures of people. Many Military Helicopters are equip ed with heat censors just for locating people at night.

This would also be a good place to store any preps you have so as not to have them found.  In fact, I would store most of your preps underground because the cool air will help protect them and make them last longer.   The rest, I would store in caches somewhere in the local area, but not on your property.  You can, join the local militia and fight back against the Government and all of its tyranny and free yourself and those you love.  Just remember that it is better to live one hour as a Lion than a whole lifetime as a sheep.

If you plan for this scenario now and work through how you will handle it, you may just have a chance to survive it.  Live free or die is what I choose.  Well, that’s it for today and I hope you have found today’s post helpful as you continue to prep.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared!   God Bless America!


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