Patriot Films Shocking New Footage Of A FEMA Camp Recently Discovered In Texas

 Not that long ago I published a post explaining much of what is already known about FEMA Camps, so in the event the sh** hits the fan, people would know where NOT to be. With the footage discovered below, once again I will make the case why people should be preparing for the worst. When the time comes for FEMA camps to open their doors to the masses, it will be during a state a Martial Law, which means regardless of the underlying cause, life will drastically change here in the United States. 
The imposition of martial law means the confiscation of firearms and supplies, curfews, the suspension of civil law, suspension of civil rights, habeas corpus, and the application or extension of military law or military justice to civilians. Civilians defying martial law may be subjected to military tribunal (court-martial). That not debatable. That it fact. 

Many believe the collapse of the U.S. Dollar is imminent, present company included, which would cause food in particular to become very scarce. That means that FEMA Camps will most likely be positioned by the government as “safe places,” places where people can go to be assured food and “protection” for their families. 

Let’s be clear, nothing about FEMA Camps is intended for your “protection,” and I will prove that after the video. FEMA Camps are intended for the protection of the political elite FROM you. Please note that all alleged FEMA facilities have several layers of fencing, all of which for some “mysterious” reason, have barbed wire at the top, pointing toward the inside of the fence.  Why would you want to force the people you are “helping” to remain inside? 

Living without power, cars, electronics or running water may seem like a nightmare scenario but to pioneers it was just the way life was. Having the skills to survive without modern conveniences is not only smart in case SHTF, it’s also great for the environment. Keep in mind that the key to a successful homestead does not only lie on being able to grow your own food but on other skills as well. LEARNING THESE SKILLS WILL take time, patience and perseverance, and not all of these skills are applicable to certain situations. Hopefully, though, you managed to pick up some great ideas that will inspire you and get you started! Just like our forefathers used to do,  The Lost Ways Book teaches you how you can survive in the worst-case scenario with the minimum resources available.It comes as a step-by-step guide accompanied by pictures and teaches you how to use basic ingredients to make super-food for your loved ones.


Along with fencing, many are equipped with electronically operated turnstile guard entrance(s) as the only means to get into the gated sections. Cameras can also be seen watching closely over the supposedly abandoned sites, and wind socks have been placed anticipating the arrival of helicopters.

For now, the footage discovered below of a FEMA Camp in Texas should sufficiently paint the picture:



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    solarkat 2 years

    This looks exactly like a long term juvenille detention facility. It could also easily be an old minimum security prison. It looks like it was built in the 70’s. Has anyone actually talked to anyone in the town to find out it’s history and what the building really is?

  • comment-avatar

    That is not a FEMA camp, it is a juvenile detention center that has been closed for years. Certainly, it could be reopened as a detention center. But it was not built to be a FEMA camp. I used to live in Crockett, when it was open, so I know what I’m talking about. Please do your research before posting fear-based inaccurate information.

    • comment-avatar

      Thanks for the heads up. This type of post does no good for anyone. There is enough to be weary of without throwing gasoline on the fire.

  • comment-avatar
    TX Patriot 2 years

    Fear-mongers are useless pieces of shit, and nothing more than useful idiots.

  • comment-avatar
    Arizona 2 years

    LIKE the LORD said,Their BLIND,he warned the prophets of FEMA,and said their all devils from hell,and till the day comes when their about to have their heads chopped off, they won’t believe anything they see or hear,most of them will take the MARK OF THE BEAST because their starving and their children are starving,and they will believe GOD will forgive them,HE WON’T,they had their chance to do something and were to blind stupid,living in their delusionary world,this isn’t going to end well for them,america is on the path to total destruction……

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