“The kings of this earth will be trampled upon as the new and final King arrives.”

“The kings of this earth will be trampled upon as the new and final King arrives.”

“Do you want Me to come back with a beautiful garland in my hair, or will you receive Me when I come back with a sword? Are you looking for a calm and beautiful Savior who will deliver you from the evil one? I tell you that you will be surprised when you look upon the One you have pierced.

For the sword that I bring will pierce between soul and spirit. It will expose the thoughts and intentions of your hearts. You looked for the gentle shepherd and yet I have been that, but I AM also a king. I come to rule with a scepter and a sword. For the world as you know it now will disappear. The kings of this earth will be trampled upon as the new and final King arrives.

The pride and the glory of this earth will be done away with. The pride of man will be crumbled in the dust. Men and women will look on in horror as the speed of my army come to destroy the wicked. And yet my own will rejoice as the final day arrives.

How else will evil be dispensed of? When a cancer fills a body it can only be taken out through a severe procedure. The sin that consumes many in this earth is like ever-growing cancer. And yet I have provided the blood through the sacrifice of my Son. But how many of you have ignored this and rather have thought that you didn’t need to get rid of your sin?

The nations stand in a balance. There are things said in secret that soon will shift the entire world. Nations will rise and fall at my command. The world stands in a balance, and it awaits someone who will save it. So many of you think that the world will get better. You think that kings and leaders have the right answers and yet they cannot solve the problems of the heart and mind.

Your only hope is to get on your knees and pray, and not a self-righteous prayer. But I tell you that you’ve reached the point of no return. The pendulum is swinging and soon the time will have run out. But go ahead and consult your tarot cards. I’m certain that they have the answers for you. Perhaps your electronic devices will have the answers that you seek.

You have no idea of what is coming. There will be such a darkness that fills the earth that it will shroud everything around you. But my light will still shine. It shines in the darkness and the darkness has never understood it. My Son came as the light and yet many did not receive Him. Rather they exchanged His light for another one. Many sought out an artificial light rather than the true One. And the Truth came but a falsehood was received instead.

My people, you must prepare for what is coming. You must prepare for the days ahead. It’s not in the preparing of guns and food, but rather in getting your ears tuned to hearing my spirit. For without hearing my voice you won’t know how to escape the evil that is coming.”

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