Europe faced ‘HUGE THREAT from Syria’ if Turkish military coup succeeded

IF the Turkish military coup was successful Europe would have descended into “chaos” because there would be no barrier between the continent and ISIS-riddled Syria, a Turkish government source has said.

A representative of Turkey’s ruling AKP party, Zeynap Jane Kandur, said Europe is “very lucky” the attempted coup has not been successful.

Ms Kandur is adamant that Europe would have faced “a huge threat” if President Erdogan had been ousted because Turkey would have been in ruins and no longer able to act as ” barrier” between the EU and Syria.

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Hundreds of thousands of refugees enter Turkey, which acts as a buffer to prevent vast numbers gaining access into the European Union.

Turkey would no longer have been able to do this in the wake of a violent revolution, says Ms Kandur, as she believed the armed rebellion by pockets of the military would have “destroyed” the country.

Turkey EU

The military coup would have ‘destroyed’ Turkey so it could not act as a block to Syria

She said: “If the coup was successful and the President had been killed it would have been a huge threat to Europe.

“Turkey is a barrier between Syria and the EU and if Turkey fell it would have been chaos.

“The EU is very lucky today.”

Turkey EU

Europe ‘should be celebrating’ the crushing of the military coup as it makes EU safer

Ms Kandur witnessed the uprising first hand from her Istanbul home and put its apparent failure down to the will of Turkish citizens to preserve democracy.

She said: “For the first time Turkish people have a taste of true democracy.

“Supporters of all four parties came together, which is quite an achievement.

“The coup could prove to be the best thing to happen to democracy in Turkey.”

Despite Turkey’s apparent love of democracy and persistent claims that the nation could soon join the European Union, Ms Kandur revealed most Turks do not want to join the Brussels bloc.

She said: “I don’t think Turkey is keen to join the EU.

“Why join a club that’s failing? That’s not something we would want.”

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