The End Days are upon our doorsteps, windows and fireplaces. Prepare to save yourselves, pray, and study the prophecies – For they are true.

This video is one of the best guides for survival after a major catastrophe, man-made or otherwise I have seen; not only because it contains tips and strategies to keep your family well and alive (food water and shelter), but because it contains spiritual insights as to why, when, and how the End Times will come. (2,484,734 views since May 2016.)

It goes into a discussion of biblical prophecies, for example, what entity or nation is the Antichrist or the “Mystery Babylon?; “the Whore of Babylon”; further, what are Obama’s and Putin’s role in the final war of Armageddon?. Will it be held in the Middle East or here in America?

Essentially World War III which has already started with Obama’s twisted foreign policy of control and war, which is a policy that is doomed to make ancient predictions become a reality has already begun. Always remember that if it is not set in stone (or cement) it can be changed.

People! There are always alternatives to a predictive path before it becomes fixed in prophecy. Wake up grasshopper/chela (student) and let go of your dependence on external sources. We just passed 4th of July, “Independence Day” which does not mean barbecues, beer, and non-stop-partying, but a reminder that a people oppressed by a selfish and psychotic government have an obligation to their children. Recent polls show that over 90% do not known what the 4th of July commemorates. is it fire works?!?

Oh my God! We have created a generation of lazy, ignorant and uninformed offspring. Do you not think a mother bear, lioness, and gorilla do not discipline their children? Of course they do, but not to injure the cub but to prepare it for life.`You my friend are preparing your children for slavery in a New World Order.

The world has an endless supply of economic, political, geophysical and ethnic troubles – everywhere we turn, there is perplexity.

How sad and how so tragic. Those interviewed said we gained from independence from France or Canada. Again, how sad and how stupid!

Stay safe



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