The Filthy Bilderberg Group: Some Things That Media Doesn’t Have The Guts To Mention

The Filthy Bilderberg Group: Some Things That Media Doesn’t Have The Guts To Mention

They are the filth of the filth. They meet and decide the destiny for millions of people. But nobody is allowed to know what is said on these meetings. Only the filth itself is invited to these meetings. And they are almost all of them jews. This is one of the things Mr. Alex Jones and others doesn’t have the guts to mention. They control 92% of all resources on the planet. They are behind mass-murder, prostitution, corruption, war, deceases, greed and poverty all over the globe.

This filth began meeting in secret in 1954 ( but reports exists of earlier entity of the group). Their membership consisted of the upper echelon of society; the most powerful and wealthy filthy figures from the fields of academia, politics and business. The group’s founders included tycoon David Rockefeller and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, both filthy elite leaders within the oil industry. What may have started as a simple meeting of the minds, where current issues could be discussed, analysed and debated, would soon morph into something far more sinister in its influence. In other words it would become more filthy.


Cloaked in the shadows from the light of public scrutiny as most filth is, these emperors of industry began to form their own self-serving agendas, and wielded their immense power and resources to redesign the world in their vision. They called themselves the Bilderberg group, and their organization still exists and operates to this day.

Today, this old filthy institution must function in a climate which has become more aware of their particular brand of back-door dealings, thanks to a new wave of savvy investigative journalists like Daniel Estulin who is a good example.

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Daniel Estulin

For over half a century, no agenda or discussion topics became public nor is any press coverage allowed. The few invited fourth estate attendees and their bosses are sworn to secrecy. Nonetheless, Estulin undertook “an investigative journey” that became his life’s work. He states:

Slowly, one by one, I have penetrated the layers of secrecy surrounding the Bilderberg Group, but I could not have done this without help of ‘conscientious objectors’ from inside, as well as outside, the Group’s membership.” As a result, he keeps their names confidential.”

For more than 10 years they have kept the lid on this…
But now this independent documentary reveals the dark conspiracy that may wipe out 281 Million Americans in the next 6 months. Its director was the only one brave enough to expose this…While mainstream media is too busy with Kim Kardashian to show you the real news…

But at this very moment, the final part of this sinister agenda is being carried out……and this will bring God’s Judgment on America. >> Church Leaders pray you never see this <<

Presenting this insightful documentary titled Bilderberg’$ Club. The film (below) takes on the monumental task of peeling away the secret history and ongoing influence of the most filthy organizations on the planet.

The group’s current membership, as stated in the film (below) by interview subject and editor of the American Free Press Jim Tucker, are “a bunch of unscrupulous, lousy, rotten international criminals.” More specifically, there are only a handful of core members who remain consistent, while many others are invited to join in on an as-needed basis.

During their annual meetings, which take place over the course of a weekend, everyone from Bill Gates to heads of state may be included in the group’s private circle, depending upon the potential value and influence of each invited member on the topic of choice. As reported in the film, the decisions they agree upon behind closed doors profoundly impact the shaping of policy and public consciousness on issues as pressing as the price of oil to support for the war in Iraq.

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In shining a much-needed light upon its unprecedented levels of secrecy and powerful world players, Bilderberg’$ Club bravely contends that the group’s lobbying powers represent nothing less than a threat to the democratic process.

Editor’s note: I would rather say, a threat to all people. But enlighten others and spread the word, then I’m sure we can get rid of these bloodsuckers.

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    Wow, I will no longer read your articles. David Rockefeller and Prince Bernhard are NOT Jews. Your ignorance is such that, read carefully, just because a man or woman is born of a genetically Jewish mother, does NOT automatically make them a good Jew. Like Christians, many fell away. Shame on you.

    The filthy, evil group(s) are driven by greed, power and lust. Gee, just like EVERYONE ELSE, no matter what genetic code their DNA used to grow the body.

    You are a shameful, shameful man.

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      You are missing the point here. No one said that David Rockefeller and Prince Bernhard are Jews (read carefully) and no one has anything against Jews within this particularly article.

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        Levonne Gryder 2 years

        SHAME ON YOU!!

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    Barbara 2 years

    Countries : it sound like the time to take these BAST**** down permanently. We must never let the likes of these to ever think they can rule over us with their disgusting ways.

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    Levonne Gryder 2 years

    WOW!! Dont you know that the bible says TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED, Not even King David
    Had a right to kill king Saul and he knew it. What is your problem??
    Either you really a Muslim or you JUST HATE either way
    I wont be BACK!

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