Could These 2 Men Trigger A Grid-Down Blackout That Kills 281 Million Americans?

Could These 2 Men Trigger A Grid-Down Blackout That Kills 281 Million Americans?


Forget the “fantasy prepper” crap…

In case you haven’t noticed, times have changed and the threats we face to our way of life have become a moving target – requiring us “sheepdogs” to consistently plan for any and all dangers we may face.

It’s not just about natural disasters anymore – now we have threats facing us from pandemic disease outbreaks… economic collapse… terror attacks… grid-down blackouts sending us back to the “Dark Ages”… and others keep lining up.

What’s most frightening is that ONE of these dangers has the ability to affect nearly every other one.

Terrorists are constantly plotting our downfall and realize they don’t need an AK-47 to accomplish their mission.

In fact, even the Wall Street Journal is raising the red flag of alarm with a recent article onHow America Could Go Dark

Could These 2 Men Cause A Grid-Down Blackout That Kills 281 Million Americans?

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, dozens of break-ins examined show how – despite orders to secure the power grid – we STILL have tens of THOUSANDS of utility substations vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Best-selling survival author, Jonathan Hollerman, and I were speaking specifically about this with our members a few weeks ago and this is the one thing that really keeps him up at night.

Jonathan knows how vulnerable we are.

There’s simply no way for us to protect all of these small substations that are guarded by nothing more than a simple chain-link fence in the middle of nowhere.

Yet just one strategic attack by terrorists could set off a chain-reaction blackout of our power grid that could literally shut down power for 12-15 months.

Military experts say that if that happens, we could see as many as 281 million deaths in the U.S. alone!

Living without power, cars, electronics or running water may seem like a nightmare scenario but to pioneers it was just the way life was. Having the skills to survive without modern conveniences is not only smart in case SHTF, it’s also great for the environment. Keep in mind that the key to a successful homestead does not only lie on being able to grow your own food but on other skills as well. LEARNING THESE SKILLS WILL take time, patience and perseverance, and not all of these skills are applicable to certain situations. Hopefully, though, you managed to pick up some great ideas that will inspire you and get you started! Just like our forefathers used to do,  The Lost Ways Book teaches you how you can survive in the worst-case scenario with the minimum resources available.It comes as a STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE ACCOMPANIED BY PICTURES AND TEACHES YOU HOW TO USE BASIC INGREDIENTS TO MAKE SUPER-FOOD FOR YOUR LOVED ONES.


Without power, we lose all food supply… treatment plants to supply drinkable water… sanitation… access to our bank accounts… communication…

But the biggest threat will be how your neighbors and other citizens will react once extreme starvation and desperation set in.

Police, military, and emergency responders will be unable to contain the chaos and many will desert to protect their own families from the resulting unrest.

Jonathan’s solution?

It’s simple…

You need a plan to get the hell out of Dodge because of what will happen all around you after this type of event.


… it only takes 3 days to go from calm… to CHAOS!

Most people just aren’t prepared for this.

And don’t fall into the trap of thinking just because you have a “bug-out bag” socked away in a closet somewhere that you’re good-to-go.

You’re not.

Most of the bug-out plans I review for people (even those who consider themselves “experts”) are fooling themselves.

Watch this survival guide and see the biggest mistakes nearly EVERYONE makes with their survival gear (so you can avoid them).

Look… it doesn’t matter if it’s a forced evacuation due to a natural disaster or things just get too “hot” in your area after a grid-down blackout collapse.

Don’t make the same mistake your knucklehead neighbor is going to make and just assume that everything is going to be just fine behind the safety and security of your home’s walls.

This could be a fatal mistake for you and your family.

You’re smarter than that.

And your family is counting on you to be.

Do YOU Have A “Plan B” For An Extended Grid-Down Blackout Disaster?

Please Share The #1 Best Tip You’ve Prepared For That Other Can Learn From…


By  from Modern Combat And Survival

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