10 Things To Stock Up on That No One Thinks About

10 Things To Stock Up on That No One Thinks About

Prepper always stock up on food, medical aids, water, weapons, and even have some kind of shelter set up just in case of an emergency. Let’s think about this a little bit more. What would really happen in an “end of the world” situation? Isn’t our mental health as much a priority as food, water, medicine, or even shelter?

I was in the US Army for quite a while, and one of the things we had in our supply room that a whole lot of people didn’t know about was a supply of sports equipment, as well as a supply of board games and such. When I asked about these supplies, I was told that sometimes the best way to get your mind off your crappy situation is to do something fun. This allows you to see things from a fresh perspective and can give you better clarity in your job.

For this reason, I have taken the time to write this list of the top 10 items that people may seem to neglect when they are prepping.

  • Books & Magazines: Books and other reading materials are the one thing that we can never lose. They contain our history, our beliefs, our hopes, our successes, and our failures. They also make a great way to keep yourself entertained.
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Children’s Entertainment
  • Crafting Supplies: You are going to have time on your hands sitting in your bunker, you may as well do something like learn to knit, take up painting, or any number of other crafts. These may also come in handy once things have quieted down. You may even find yourself with an extra source of revenue.
  • Crayons & Coloring Books: A great way to help keep little ones happy and somewhat quiet. Crayons also can be used as fire starters in the most dire of emergencies as they can last for up to 30 minutes, and are non-toxic.
  • Notebooks & Writing Paper: These will be necessary to make notes, write a diary of what you are doing, and as a way to help pass the time.
  • Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Nails, Et Cetera: These will be necessary for all sorts of things. Trust me, you will need these items. Personally, I’d keep these items in my tool box.
  • Pens, Paper, Pencils, & Erasers: These can be used for lots of things, from taking notes to writing your memoirs about what is happening. Remember reading about Anne Frank? Same Concept. People are going to want to read about “TEOTWAWKI,” and how we survived, the decisions we made, and how we came to those decisions, and our feelings.
  • Religious Material: There is an old saying in the military, “There are no Atheists in foxholes.” Having your faith means everything to someone who is religious. So having things that allow you to practice your faith is paramount in a “TEOTWAWKI” Situation.
  • Sporting Equipment, Card Games, & Board Games: We all need a way to blow off steam. This gives us the opportunity to have some fun, play some games, and relax for a bit.
  • Tools & Toolbox: We are going to have to repair everything in a TEOTWAWKI situation. That means having the tools to fix things with, and a little knowledge on how to repair things.
  • Toys: Kids always need a way to play, and having toys on hand is a great way to make sure that kids are not bored. Let’s be realistic here, suddenly, there isn’t going to be anymore birth control, and abortion will be a very trick thing should the worst happen. That means we will suddenly have more kids. We need to keep these kids entertained somehow.

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People really should avert their gaze from the modern survival thinking for just a bit and also look at how folks 150 years ago did it.

These guys were the last generation to practice basic things-for a living-that we call survival skills now.

Survival Things Our Great Grandfathers Did Or Built Around The House. Are you ready to turn back the clocks to the 1800s for up to three years.

Because this is what will happen after the next SHTF event.


By David (Dok) Amberson, www.myfamilysurvivalplan.com

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